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Last Update: February 27, 2023

We understand that it can be quite a process getting started with WordPress & Avada. There’s a lot to learn. In light of this, we have prepared a starter pack for you pertaining to the Avada Website Builder, WordPress and everything in between.

Below are links to help files, online documentation, and videos and other tutorials, to help make this process easier and more enjoyable for you. Remember to use the Live Search function at the top of the page, as most of the time, answers to your questions will be in our documentation or videos, waiting to be found. There are also community resources like the Facebook Users Group. If you are unable to find an answer to your questions, you can always submit a support ticket, and one of our global support gurus will personally assist you. Before you can do this, you must first register for support by following these steps.

Avada is one of the most fully featured and capable WordPress based Website Builders in existence. Like any software product, there is of course a learning curve, but thanks to the intuitive features, the extensive documentation, tutorial videos and customer support, we know you’ll soon be building websites like the pros. Welcome to Avada!

Avada Builder Guided Tour Video

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General and Important Information

  • Create A Support Account – To use our support ticket system, you must first create a support account with us.

  • How Our Advanced Option System Works – Avada has an outstanding option system. Once you understand this, the sky is the limit!

  • Avada’s Online Documentation – With over 500 individual documents, Avada is one of the well-documented website builders of all time. Search for answers through our in-depth articles about Avada’s features and ‘how to’ tutorials.

  • Video Tutorials – With over 230 videos and growing, our video tutorials can quickly show you what you need to know. Subscribe to our YouTube channel to keep up to date!

  • How To – We have a large range of advanced ‘How To’ articles, covering a variety of situations.

  • Avada Users Group on Facebook – Join the community-run and managed Avada Users Group on Facebook, with almost 25,000 members!

  • Support Ticket System – If you have any questions about Avada, please submit a support ticket and one of our global support gurus will personally assist you.

  • Support Guidelines & Policies – Please review our support policy & guidelines here, to learn what the scope of our support is.

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