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Build Stylish Layouts

Avada is more than just a Website Builder. It is a set of intuitive workflow tools which gives you complete design control over your website styling, layouts, and management. Design anything and build everything!

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Dynamic Content

Design Custom Layouts
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With the power of Layouts, Layout Sections, Conditional Logic, Layout Section Elements, and Avada’s massive range of Design Elements, the sky is the limit.

Design An Entire Website, Fast

Build Custom Headers

Build Stylish Headers

Create the perfect header design or different headers for individual pages with Avada’s array of styling and layout options.

Build Custom Page Title Bars

Build Page Title Bars

Creating a custom page title bar is useful for various purposes. Beyond being stylish, they can be used to display pertinent information.

Build Stylish Footers

Create the ideal footer design or different footers for individual pages with Avada’s array of styling and layout options.

Practical Website Building Features

Set Layout Conditions

Set Conditions To Display Your Layouts

Assign Layouts Globally

Edit in one place, and deploy the content in multiple locations.

Display/Hide Content

Use conditional logic to display choice content based on predefined rules.

Dynamic Content Across Your Website

Manage Crucial Content

Dynamic content on the front end is automatically updated.

Dynamic content system

You can use dynamic content on posts, pages, and custom post types.

Dynamic Content