Avada Performance Wizard

You can scan, analyze, and manage your website features with a straightforward set-by-step process. Be empowered to make better performance-related decisions.

Options On and Off

Disable Unused Features

Disable any unused features to reduce the amount of HTML markup that is loaded per page.

Icon Scanner

Icon Scanner

Scan your Avada website to discover the icons in use and where they are placed on the site.

Typography Management

Font Management & Handling

Review which fonts are being loaded on your website & optimize how the fonts are served.

Critical CSS

Critical CSS & Advanced Optimization

Enable the generation of critical CSS to defer unused CSS, improving page load and render time.

Video Facade

Image & Video Optimization

To improve performance on page load, enable video facade, manage image quality, size, and lazy loading.


JS & CSS Optimization

You can compile CSS/JS, load media query files asynchronously, and make CSS non-render-blocking.

Scan Your Website

Scan your website’s assets for performance-related recommendations & tips.

The Avada Setup Wizard will guide you to make sounder design and layout decisions to enhance performance, ultimately leading to improved page loading times.

Above The Fold Optimization

“Above the fold” is the part of a webpage that is immediately visible on your desktop or mobile screen without scrolling. The Avada Setup Wizard will make it easier for you to optimize your content to improve performance on mobile & desktop.

Critical CSS

With the options available, you choose to enable the generation of critical CSS to defer unused CSS, improving page load and render time.

Critical CSS

Image preloading

To assist you in improving overall page load performance, you can choose your preferred lazy loading method for your website’s images.

Image Preloading