Avada Studio

Expansive library of currently 532 multi-use content items, professionally designed to speed up your workflow. Get a head start with prebuilt headers to footers, containers to elements, and everything in between.

Prebuilt Website Content

Prebuilt Website Content For Any Purpose

A wide selection of prebuilt layouts, headers, footers, containers, columns, elements, forms, and more.

Mobile Friendly

Mobile-Friendly Across All Devices

All content is designed to be visually and aesthetically responsive on tablets, mobile phones, and desktops.

Save Time

Designed Professionally, Created To Save You Time

Import Studio content into existing website layouts with a click, then customize to suit your requirements.

Live Editor Integration For Intuitive Customization

Drag & Drop content into position as you customize the styling and design to suit your branding needs.

Live Editor
Dashboard Previews

Dashboard Previews For Seamless Imports

Studio content previews make it easier to search for you to visualize and ultimately decide which content would best suit your website.

Online Studio Website

Online Studio Website For Live Previews

The Avada Studio prebuilt content is available online and is an excellent resource to search for content that would suit your project.