Off-Canvas Builder

Off-Canvas Builder

Popups, slideouts, or overlays are ideal for informational, functional, or promotional content; Designed to capture your visitors’ attention with a call to action.

Off-Canvas Content

Wide Selection of Prebuilt Off-Canvas Content

Import content from the Avada Studio to speed up your workflow.

Set Conditions, Triggers & Rules to Control Behavior

Set conditions for the Off-Canvas content to interact with your visitors.

Styling And Configurable Options

Complete Design Freedom with Flexible Options

Easily customize the content to suit the needs of your website.

Choose Your Off-Canvas Type

Design and build popups, sliding bars, and fullscreen overlays with content ideal for your website audience and marketing.

Off-Canvas Popup

Display A Popup

The traditional type of CTA, you can set conditions to control the behavior to automatically with visitors.

Off-Canvas Sliding Bar

Display A Sliding Bar

A stylish way to display information or promotional content that can be triggered by user input or automatically.