Avada Builder vs Avada Live

Last Update: March 14, 2023

The Avada Builder comes with TWO interfaces; the original, wireframe builder, now known as Avada Builder, and the front-end builder, known as Avada Live. The original Avada Builder will remain, offering you more choice over how you like to edit your pages. Here are the main differences between the two interfaces:

Avada Live

With Avada Live, you edit your content directly on the front-end. You can see your layout as you build it, and any changes you make update immediately, as you make them.

Additionally, with Avada Live, you have direct access to the Avada Global Options, as well as the Avada Page Options, on the same page, as you build. This can speed your workflow significantly.

In most other ways, the two builders are essentially the same. There are small interface and workflow differences, but they both use the same Container, Column and Element structure, and controls. The content that both builders generate is also identical, and so there is full compatibility between the two builders.

Fusion Builder Live

Avada Builder

The original Avada Builder is a back-end wireframe editor that allows you to build content quickly, using a system of Containers, Columns, and Elements. You design and layout your pages as you wish, using our easy to use drag and drop editor, and then preview the result in a new window.

While we recommend Avada Live for its many benefits, everyone has their preferences, and both builders have their advantages.

So with Avada Live & Avada Builder, we have now just doubled your options, giving you two ways to build your website. Welcome to the best of both worlds!

Fusion Builder