Avada Form Builder

Avada Form Builder

Created exclusively in-house by our team for Avada, with several essential facets in mind: Flexibility, control, and choice. In addition, the Avada Form Builder allows you to eliminate the need for another 3rd party plugin.

Create Effective Forms

Create Forms That Work For You Effectively

Use them for marketing campaigns, customer surveys, opinion polls, reservations, events, and much more.

Styling And Configurable Options

Vast Array of Styling & Configurable Options

Forms do not need to be boring or purely functional; they can be stylish and visually appealing to the end-user.

Full Control On Form Submissions

Full control on form submission data

Data control, storage, and data privacy are essential and easy to manage using available options.

Multi-Step Forms

Multi-step forms are versatile and great for anything from surveys, marketing, and general user engagement.

You Control The Design Process

Using the Drag & Drop Builder interface and Design Elements, you can decide what goes into your header, the only limit is your imagination.

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