Avada 7.9

The latest version of Avada released on December 14th, 2022, introduces the Mega Menu Builder, Maintenence Mode/Coming Soon options, new Design Elements, Role Manager options, tons of new design options, and so much more.

The latest version of Avada released on December 14th, 2022, introduces a Mega Menu Builder, Maintenence Mode/Coming Soon options, new Design Elements, Role Manager options, new Design Elements, and so much more.

Design Beautiful Websites

These new design and workflow features and enhancements will improve your design skills. No coding knowledge is required.

Content-Rich Menus

Mega Menu Builder

Work Smarter

Avada Builder Role Manager

Coming Soon Mode

Maintenance Mode

New Table of Contents Element

Add the ToC Element to any page or post to improve your content SEO and, ultimately, the end-user experience. Each link will scroll the reader to the corresponding section within the page or post content, making navigating pages or posts with extensive content effortless.

New Stripe Element

Easily sell your products using the Stripe payment gateway. Use customizable product and shipping info through setup within your Stripe account.

New Circle Info Element

This new Design Element is a fantastic way to showcase key content for your online business or project. It is flexible, highly customizable, and can be added anywhere on your website.

New Design Features

New scrolling section transitions

We have added stunning new transition animations for scrolling sections to enhance your website content.

Advanced Column Hover Transform Options

New advanced hover transform options for the Columns and Nested Columns.

Carousel & Slider Options

New carousel library and awesome new carousel and slider options for Post Cards.

Text Decoration

New global text decoration options for links site-wide.

Button Hover Animation

Tons of new stylish textual hover effects for the Button Element that will enhance your end-user experience.

Stacked sub-menu options

New options for a stacked sub-menu mode and additional preferences for the Menu Element when used in vertical mode.

  • Checklist Icon

  • Checklist Icon

  • 1
    Checklist Numbered
  • 2
    Checklist Numbered


Who said lists should be boring? New options for ordered lists have been added to the Checklist Element.

The Events Calendar 6.0+

Added compatibility to the TEC 6.0+ which updates everything to the v2 views.

Noteworthy Additions

Must match and password reveal for Avada forms

Delay and color reveal element animation options

HubSpot & MailChimp consent options

Mobile Menu Element submenu Toggle or Accordion trigger

Ability to re-order layout cards

Yoast & Rank Math Content Analysis support for back-end builder

List of all changes in Avada 7.9

New features

  • Added a full Mega Menu builder, using the builder UI and saving to the Library for easy re-use
  • Added maintenance and coming soon mode incl. settings

  • Added a user role manager to easily manage which user roles have access to the different areas of Avada
  • Added Table Of Contents element with various design options to easily auto-render all headings on a post/page
  • Added options to display text decorations (like underline) to text links across the site
  • Added the possibility to re-order Avada Layout cards
  • Added several advanced transition animation options to full-screen scrolling sections
  • Added a Submenu element with full set of design options for easy usage i the new Mega Menu builder
  • Added Circle Info element allowing stylish and interactive presentation of short blocks of content
  • Added padding options to Toggle and FAQ elements
  • Added a delay option to all element animations
  • Added Stripe Button element for easily selling products through Stripe
  • Added text hover effects to Button element

  • Added advanced transform options, both regular and hover to Column and Nested Column element
  • Added a new color swipe animation type to all element Animations
  • Added a delay option to all element animations
  • Added mouse scroll design options to Post Cards element
  • Added extensive options for easy styling of navigation in Post Cards element
  • Added image sorting option to the Image Carousel element
  • Added a form label font size option to Avada Forms
  • Added a preview background color option to Live Editor of Avada Forms
  • Added Consent Field element to Avada Forms to easily get explicit or implicit user consent
  • Added support for HubSpot’s advanced GDPR tools to Avada Forms
  • Added support for passing data to Mailchimp depending on the new Consent Field element to Avada Forms
  • Added option to Avada Forms Password element to show a password reveal icon
  • Added new “must match” options to Avada Forms Email and Password elements to enable classic sign-up forms
  • Added a starting value option to Avada Forms Text and Email elements
  • Added options for ordered lists to the Checklist element
  • Added more icon-related child options to the Checklist element
  • Added border radius option to Tabs element
  • Added padding options to Toggle and FAQ elements
  • Added options to style the Load More button in Post Card Archives element
  • Added options to have stacked sub-menu mode and additional preferences to Menu element when used in vertical mode
  • Added option to the Menu element, that allows choosing between Toggle and Accordion mode when opening sub-menus on mobile
  • Added link color and target, height, typography, and border-radius settings to the Newsticker element
  • Added margin options to the individual boxes of the Content Boxes element
  • Added image sorting option to the Image Carousel element
  • Added z-index option to Off-Canvas
  • Added paragraph (p) HTML tag to title tag selection options
  • Added an option to display “All Events” link on single Events Calendar posts
  • Added Snapchat to social links
  • Added new “must match” options to Avada Forms Email and Password elements to enable classic sign-up forms
  • Added a starting value option to Avada Forms Text and Email elements
  • Added user avatar to dynamic data options
  • Added comment status and comment count to the conditional rendering engine
  • Added a filter for easy extension of conditional rendering
  • Added a filter for easy extension of Avada Forms actions
  • Added a filter for file upload handling in Avada Forms
  • Added a filter to prevent dynamic CSS generation
  • PERFORMANCE On new installs, nothing related to WP legacy widgets will be loaded anymore
  • PERFORMANCE Refactored 60+ elements to avoid style blocks in markup and improve loading
  • PERFORMANCE Added an option to WooCommerce Product Images element to skip lazy loading
  • PERFORMANCE The fusion_builder_map() function is now being skipped on the front end for all elements
  • PERFORMANCE Simplified and reduced the CSS output for the Container element link color options
  • PERFORMANCE Custom icon fonts now using the Font Face Rendering option
  • PERFORMANCE Removed several WP block-related scripts from front-end, when block styles are turned off
  • PERFORMANCE Removed WooCommerce blocks styles from front-end, when block styles are turned off
  • SEO Added content analysis integration for Yoast SEO and Rank Maths to the back-end posts/pages
  • SEO Added paragraph (p) HTML tag to title tag selection options


  • Twitter element not working
  • Usage of deprecated, fixed WooCommerce image size
  • WooCommerce product gallery images not displaying correctly on RTL sites in WebKit browsers
  • WooCommerce stripe button not available on checkout pages when using layouts

  • WooCommerce SKU not being correctly updated on variable products when SKU is used more than once

  • Styling and quantity update issue on Events Calendar ticket pages

  • Styling issue with the new Events Calendar community events
  • Search results for Events Calendar events not being displayed on main events page
  • Custom icon sets not working in the Vertical Menu widget
  • Animations not working correctly in a few elements
  • Link expiration issue when using WP login forms in some cases
  • Side header anchor scroll not highlighting correct menu item when using a side-header layout
  • Date format not being picked from “General” settings when option is left empty in Related Posts element
  • Undefined variable notice in Content Boxes element and Avada Forms

  • Line breaks not working in Avada Forms textareas if name is not the auto “textarea”

  • Avada Forms Select element arrow not respecting border sizes
  • JS error occurring on Avada Forms submission when using Hidden Field element with empty value
  • Avada Forms backend entries only display a single value for checkbox field even when multiple values were submitted
  • Placeholder values being displayed in custom email replies if no values are set in Avada Forms
  • Layout Builder override is incorrectly being used when having a post with layout as first post on dedicated blog page
  • FAQ element title color option not working
  • Color variables not always being correct when using critical CSS
  • Rotating icon option not working correctly when icon circle is off in Icon element
  • Carousel navigation box color not working in Image Carousel element
  • Cloned layout sections having incorrect edit URLs
  • Duplicate margin options in the Widget element
  • Fatal error on legacy search page when Checklist element is deactivated

  • First item in Checklist element having no top padding, even if a background color is used
  • Masonry layout incorrectly positioning postcards in Post Card Archives when using AJAX loading
  • Reading time being incorrect in some instances in the Meta element

  • Fatal error on post edit screens when Avada is disabled but builder plugin is active

  • Liftup animation in Image element not working correctly when using max-width and image aspect ratio settings
  • Video facade option not working correctly when using videos in portrait mode
  • Lightbox on mobile not auto-opening on load when using deep links
  • SVG image upload not working correctly in the Setup Wizard
  • JS error in User Login element when using v2 reCaptcha
  • Sprintf error with % symbol in off canvas title
  • Counter Circles not fully centered because of separating margins

  • Product number option not updating correctly in WooCommerce Sorting element
  • Product postcards changing incorrectly in Live Editor, when changing option after refresh

  • Focus trap missing from icon picker options, which leads to Live Editor content being pushed up a few pixels in some cases
  • A few styling issues in dark mode of the Live Editor
  • Extra space displaying and load more button missing in Gallery element in Live Editor when more images are loaded than are displaying

  • Off-canvas z-index being incorrect in Live Editor when using parallax footer

  • Hover effect of Content Boxes element not being correct in Live Editor in some cases
  • Margin picker handles being hidden when editing a Column in Live Editor that uses border-radius
  • Separator not being correctly hidden in Post Cards element in Live Editor if number of columns is set to 0
  • Inline column width options missing from Nested Columns element
  • Upload element icon alignment in Live Editor of Avada Forms
  • Global option changes that trigger a default update including AJAX callback not re-rendering elements in Live Editor

  • Nest Columns not being editable when being inside a sticky Container in Live Editor
  • Settings panel of child elements added through the add image button in Gallery element not working
  • Post type for being wrong for Post Cards and Mega Menus in Live Editor

  • Repeater row for custom fonts section requiring two clicks to remove an item in the Live Editor

  • Preview frame of Live Editor shifting up, when changing last element option of a tab using TAB key

  • Notification tab being empty in Live Editor for newly created forms


  • Removed HTML markup for boxed mode and sliding bar when they are turned off
  • Made sure that form fields are no longer cleared out when a submission error occurs
  • Post Card Image placeholders will now respect the reflect ratio setting
  • Image and Gallery elements are now being taken into account for reading time when using the Meta element
  • Increased the number of images maximum in the Flickr element to 500
  • Added better handling for add form errors in HubSpot when using Avada Forms
  • Added consistent icons to the Portfolio and FAQ post-type menus in the WP dashboard
  • Placeholders in Post Card Image element now also follow the set aspect ratio
  • Made sure range slider options update directly on change and not on key-up events
  • Removed element maximum limits
  • Better wrapping of long names of containers and templates in the library section of the editor
  • Updated several option descriptions and dependencies for better usability
  • UPDATED Compatibility with WooCommerce 7.0+
  • UPDATED Compatibility with The Events Calendar 6.0+
  • UPDATED HubSpot form submission handling for better compatibility
  • UPDATED Replaced the old carousel JS library with a new, lightweight and modern library
  • ACCESSIBILITY Fixed aria-label and role of the filter items
  • COMPATIBILITY Fixed WooCommerce One Page Checkout plugin not updating values when adjusting quantity through Buttons
  • COMPATIBILITY Fixed global footer layout not working when using Woocommerce Frontend Manager
  • COMPATIBILITY Fixed WooCommerce Gift Cards plugin not working with product layouts
  • COMPATIBILITY Fixed search for multiple post types being redirected to the Events Calendar results page when events is one of the CPT