Legacy Features

Legacy Doc

Last Update: April 15, 2024

The development of Avada is an ongoing process, and so as features are added or methods evolve, other features or methods are removed. Sometimes, however, they are left for backward compatibility reasons but are then considered legacy methods. Below is a list of ‘legacy methods’ in Avada, and the more up-to-date methods you can use instead.

Legacy Feature / Method Current Method
Widgets Corresponding Design Elements
Sidebars Layout Builder, Sticky Columns
Sliding Bar Off Canvas Bulder
Global Option Logos Image Element in Header Layout
Global Option Headers, PTBs & Footers Avada Layouts
Global Option Header Menus Menu Element in a Layout Section
Global Options Mega Menus Mega Menu Builder, Submenu Element
Contact Template Avada Forms, Google Map Element, OpenStreetMap Element
Blog & Portfolio Elements Post Cards & Post Cards Element