How To Speed Up Your Site Using Caching Plugins

Last Update: February 13, 2023

Information About Cache & Minification/Combination

Caching and minification is important in any website. Whenever a user visits your site, a lot of information is requested, such as images, styling, as well as retrieving your content from the WordPress database. These factors, plus the amount of visitors you have, can significantly affect your site’s total page loading time. Caching plugins help reduce this by showing your viewers a static version of your site.

Recommended Cache Plugins

Below is a list of our recommended cache plugins to optimize your site’s speed. These plugins have been tested with Avada, and we find that they work well with it. However, please note that these plugins interact differently with different server setups. Please note, we do cannot provide support for any issues caused by third party plugins.

There are also many others out there, try a Google search and you will find other options as well.

The PWA Plugin

One of our recommended plugins, the PWA plugin, also is well worth a look, when trying to speed up the loading of your site using plugins. What PWA does is to provide a range of different caching strategies, based on your site and the frequency of content updates.