Assigning Menus via Global Options

Legacy Doc

Last Update: April 15, 2024

Once you have created a menu, you need to assign it to your site. There are two main ways to do this. Our recommended method is to use the Menu Element in a Header Layout Section (You can also add a Menu anywhere in your page content with the Menu Element). Read more about this method in the How The Menu Element And Menu Work Together document.

Alternatively, If you are not yet using Avada layouts, and instead using the legacy Headers chosen from the Global Options, then you assign the menu to a specific location in the menu itself.

There are 5 areas where you can assign a menu in Avada. These are: Main Navigation, Top Navigation, Mobile Navigation, 404 Useful Pages, and Sticky Header Navigation. Each of these menu locations can have a custom menu assigned to them. Once a menu is created and assigned to the location, it will be used on the front end for those specified areas.

Menu Locations in Avada
  • Main Navigation – This is the Main Menu that shows in the Header area.
  • Top Navigation – This is the top Secondary Menu that can be assigned with headers 2-5.
  • Mobile Navigation – This is the menu that will be used when viewing on mobile devices. If no menu is chosen, then the desktop menu will appear on mobile views.

  • 404 Useful Pages – This is the Menu that will be used in the “Helpful Links” area on the default 404 page and the Search Results Not Found page.

  • Sticky Header Navigation – You can use this optionally if you want to assign a different menu to the Sticky Header. The Main Menu will be used by default

Menu Global Options

When assigning Menus, Avada also offers several global options to help customize the menu. They are located in the Avada > Options > Menu tab. From there, the global options are organized under more specific areas. (e.g. Main Menu, Mobile Menu, Secondary top menu just to name a few). When styling your various menu locations, the settings will be here. For detailed screenshots of the various menu options, see the Menu Section of the Avada Global Options Page.

Global Menu Options