Avada Important Update Info Archive

Last Update: March 15, 2023

With each new Avada update comes incredible new features, new options, code improvements and fixes. Our team takes the utmost care in creating updates and ensuring everything is fully tested by our team as well as a large group of beta customers. It is important that we communicate to our customers any important items that need to be taken into consideration when updating. This is a dedicated archive post of important update information from past Avada updates. Please make sure you are viewing the correct version number you are updating Avada to.

The current version of Avada is version 7.9.2

Avada 7.8 Important Update Information

1. Clear & Rebuild Critical CSS After Update (Fixes double scrollbars)

Avada 7.8 introduces new design features like sticky columns. Due to these additions, some of the CSS code used, had to get changed or updated. Thus, you might experience display issues (double scrollbars) after update, if you use Avada’s critical CSS feature. In order to resolve this, just clear and rebuild critical CSS. See the critical CSS doc for more info.

2. Live Editor Navigator Replaces Wireframe Mode

Avada 7.8 introduces the new Navigator, which lets you easily see the whole structure of your pages. It makes it very convenient to to move containers, columns and element around, and to jump to a specific element on the page. You can even open the element settings, delete or clone any element directly from the Navigator. This new feature is much more powerful and performant than the old wireframe mode, which thus has been removed. See all about the Navigator in the tutorial video.

Why have we deprecated Wireframe editing?

There are a several essential reasons for this, all with improvement in mind. The main thing is that the way it worked was somewhat buggy and limiting. Especially in small areas like Off-Canvas building, it just didn’t make sense the way it was. In addition to that, it was worse for the overall performance of the builder because both modes had to be kept in sync and additional templates loaded.

The navigator provides all the same functionality in a more compact area. It is easier to see the hierarchy and re-order items, and you can have the navigator open simultaneously with the live preview. This makes finding which element is which much simpler.

In the end, the back-end builder is still there, so if it’s a wireframe experience that you want, you always have that option. However, we do think after the initial adjustment period that, the navigator will replace what the wireframe offered.

3. New Woo Filters Element

Avada 7.8 comes with a new Woo Filters element, which lets you easily filter products according to attributes or price range. This element is a layout element and is thus only available when using the layout builder. They should be used together with the Post Cards Archive element, in order to work. As by their nature, filters will only work on product archives, including the main Shop page.

Avada 7.7 Important Update Information

1. New Avada Setup Wizard

Avada 7.7 introduces our new setup wizard. When you install a fresh copy of Avada, the wizard will launch automatically on activation. You can choose to install a prebuilt site or to start your from scratch, having the wizard guide you through color, typography, and content selection. In case you want to run the wizard sometime later or on an existing site, you can find the launch button on the Avada Status page. Please note, that the wizard will change your existing design and content, so it is not recommened to be run on an existing site, unless you want to change its appearance.

2. New Avada Forms Notification Options

Avada 7.7 comes with a new notification tab in Avada Forms options, enabling you to send custom form submission auto-replies to different recipients. In order to do so, we removed the “Send To Email” setting from the “Submission Type” option and have moved the functionality to the new “Notifications” tab.

When you update to Avada 7.7, a migration will run to ensure your forums are automatically updated to this new setup, so you will be all set. In case, that anything goes wrong, you can easily re-run the migration from the Avada Status page with the click of a button.

3. Avada Studio Content on Avada 7.6.2 or Lower

Due to the new Avada Studio import options introduced in Avada 7.7 the content of the Studio items has been adjusted. Thus, if you import items now to an Avada version lower than 7.7, the imported items will automatically adjust to your local color and typography setup. This can also lead to large heading font sizes.

Avada 7.6 Important Update Information

1. Removed “Enable CSS Variables” option

Avada 7.6 removes the “Enable CSS Variables” Global Option. This has long served as a fallback option to allow compatibility with Internet Explorer, which does not understand CSS variables. Since the support of Internet Explorer was dropped in WordPress, 5.8, and Avada 7.4, CSS variables can now be used in all modern browsers. For performance and reasons and for better compatibility with future features, we have removed this option, which means, that Avada’s CSS will now rely on CSS variables.

There should not be any changes in front-end appearance, but it is good to check your site after updating, as there might be some minor differences in a few edge cases.

2. New Global Color System

Avada 7.6 introduces a whole new global color system, which you can learn more about in our documentation. When updating your site, Avada will try to automatically detect the most important colors on your site and will create a global color palette accordingly for you. Any color setting you want to change or for any element that you add, you can easily use the new global colors then. For your existing post/page content though, no automatic mapping to the global colors will be performed, to avoid any update issues.

3. Changes Social Links Element Color Options

In Avada 7.6 we have introduced a new global color system and new color picker options. Additionally we have added options to control normal and hover states for the icons, globally and within the element.In some cases, that cn lead to changes in the hover colors of social links.

In order to allow the social link items to work with this new color system, we have also removed the ability to specify pipe-separated (|) color values.

Avada 7.5 Important Update Information

1. Avada Studio

Avada 7.5 introduces Avada Studio, which allows you to add pre-built, professionally designed content blocks virtually anywhere into your site. These content blocks are as simple as a single element, as complex as a full page template, and everywhere in between. New content blocks will also be added regularly, and they are easy to use and customize. This huge and ever increasing library of content will help you build your sites even faster, with top notch designs, right out of the box.

See our Avada Studio Documentation page or view our Intro Video.

2. Paragraph Tags in Layout Sections

In Avada 7.5 we have consolidated the way automatic margins work for paragraph p tags in Layout Sections. Previously, only content sections had the top margin removed, which is something that has now beein extended to all layout sections for consistency reasons. We tried to avoid backwards compatibility issues, but in some cases you might need to adjust spacing in header or footer layout sections.

Avada 7.4.2 Important Update Information

1. XSS (Cross-Site Scripting) Security Issues

We have released Avada 7.4.2, a security update that addresses two XSS security concerns disclosed in our Changelog and our Blog.

Like WordPress and any entity that develops software, we understand that security is not absolute, and it’s a continuous process that is managed as such. We do our best to prevent security issues as proactively as possible as we do not assume they’ll never come up. Our responsibility is to quickly take care of them and work to get our customers notified and prepared. And, this is why we recommend keeping your website and plugins up to date and maintained at all times.

The description of the two security issues identified and fixed are listed below:

  • Fixed: XSS issue in breadcrumbs when using bbPress plugin and being on a bbPress search page.

  • Fixed: XSS issue in Avada Forms component allowing unescaped HTML form entries to be loaded on the backend.

Avada 7.4 Important Update Information

1. Support Has Been Retired For Internet Explorer 11 (IE11)

As announced on our blog and on social media, we are removing support for Internet Explorer 11 (IE11) in Avada 7.4.

We have taken this step with Avada 7.4, because it is a performance-based update and IE11 support needed work-arounds in several areas, increasing JS files, DOM size, CLS etc.

This is also in line with the upcoming version of WordPress, 5.8, which will drop IE11 support as well. Microsoft has already abandoned support for it for the most part, and by August 17, 2021 the MS 365 apps will be the final ones to stop supporting it.

2. Smooth Scroll Option Deprecated

In Avada 7.4 we have removed 9 JS files to optmize the code base, the smooth scroll script being one of them. When activted, this option was bad for overall site performance. We have introduced option to style the scroll bar, using a more modern and lightweight CSS approach. These options are used as a an automatic fallback on sites that update to Avada 7.4, and head smooth scroll enabled previously.

Avada 7.3 Important Update Information

1. The New Product Registration

As announced on our blog and on social media, from Avada 7.3 onwards, the product registration is going to work in a different way.

In order to make it faster and more streamlined we are dropping the token key registration in favor of the purchase code registration.

For the new registration method, one crucial detail to highlight here is that once you register the purchase code, the registration will automatically associate the URL with the purchase code. Therefore, if you have five purchase codes and update all 5 websites, you will be required to register the purchase codes for each website. To continue receiving updates beyond version 7.3, a valid purchase for each of your Avada installations will be required.

Important Note: Once you have updated your Avada version to 7.3, a grace period of 10 days will be provided for you to change your website’s registration to the new method (changing to the new method can be done at any time, even after the grace period lapses). Failing to register using the new method will not break the website or cause it to malfunction; however, it will prevent future updates from being aggregated to your site.

We have created a comprehensive Q&A support doc for any questions regarding the new product registration.

2. Avada WooCommerce Builder – Part 2

Avada 7.3 completes the WooCommerce builder we introduced in 7.2. for single products, by adding the ability to fully customize the shop, cart, and checkout pages, as well as your product archives. Lots more features and additions can be seen on the Avada 7.3 What’s New page.

Avada 7.2 Important Update Information

1. Avada WooCommerce Builder

Avada 7.2 introduces our brand new WooCommerce Product builder. It allows you to create fully custom products, using 12 different elements, with dozens of options. 4 prebuilt product layouts make your start even easier.

A new option to set column spacing on WooCommerce product archives was introduced. This gives you more control over the layout, and might change the current spacing slightly on update.

Note: In a second step, we’ll release more elements to customize cart and checkout pages as well as product archives.

2. WordPress 5.6 Compatibility

WordPress 5.6 includes some big changes, mostly related to updating the jQuery library. We did provide compatibility for it already in Avada 7.1.2 (See our Avada Compatibility Update For WordPress 5.6 post.). Avada 7.2 fixes some additional compatibility issues and makes sure your experience stays as smoothly as you are used to.

Avada 7.1 Important Update Information

1. Avada Form Builder

Avada 7.1 introduces our brand new form builder. It allows you to create fully custom forms, using 19 different elements, 4 different submission types, custom confirmation messages and lots of styling options. 11 prebuilt forms make your start on forms even easier.

We also added integration with HubSpot, to make it easy for you to track your contacts in their free CRM.

Avada 7.0 Important Update Information

1. Avada Header Builder

Avada 7.0 introduces our brand new header builder. It allows you to create fully custom header layouts, custom menus, awesome menu effects and transitions and more. You can create different headers per page or per viewport size, and there is so much more to explore. The Header Builder also comes with 16 prebuilt headers, to make your life even easier.

At the same time, we have kept our legacy headers for you, so you are free to still use them in the classic way, setup in the Global Options.

2. New Container / Column Setup

With Avada 7.0 we also introduce an all-new setup for our Container and Column elements, based on the CSS Flexbox model. It gives you incredible freedom to create px perfect positioned layouts, both for desktop and responsive modes.

We have kept our legacy setup so that your existing sites will update just fine and you are still free to use the classic setup if you prefer.

3. New Admin Dashboard

With Avada 7.0, we completely re-imagined our WordPress admin dashboard. Everything is fully integrated now in the Avada Website Builder Suite. It consists of Avada, the Avada Builder and the Avada Core plugin. We have created one seamless UI, to make your workflow even easier.

4. White Label Plugin

As mentioned above, the structure of the back-end has vastly changed in Avada 7.0. Some parts of the White Label Plugin currently do not work for these changes. We are actively working on an update of the plugin, but if you have major reliance on it, then you may want to wait for it before updating to Avada 7.0.

Avada 6.2 Important Update Information

1. Avada Layouts

In Avada 6.2, we introduced Avada Layouts, which gives you even more control over your Avada sites. You can visually customize your search page, 404 page, single post pages, archives, page title bars and even the footer. For more information on Avada Layouts take a look here: https://avada.com/feature/layout-builder/.

2. Full Feature List

The feature list of Avada 6.2 is so big that we have decided to do a promo video to show you the most important changes. Below you will not only find the link to it but also to a few other useful resources to tell you everything about the update.

Avada 6.1 Important Update Information

1. Button Shape

In Avada 6.1, we removed the old button shape option. Instead, we have added a new option, that allows you to set the border-radius of your buttons exactly as you want it, pixel perfect. Additionally, we also added new border-color options, for both normal and hover states, to give you even more control over your buttons.

Your old buttons will still work and display as intended, and we also took care of the migration for you, for future usage.

2. Gradient Background Colors

With Avada 6.1, we have introduced gradient background colors for containers and columns. We have also added a few sub-tabs to the UI, so that you can easily change back and forth between the different options for background color, background gradients and background images. These options can be applied together to the elements, so it is not an OR but an AND option, if you want.

3. Background Blend Mode

We have added a new background blend mode option to the container and column element, to give you the maximum freedom when you work with a combination of background color and backgroud image. Your current containers will still display as expected, and also migration is taken care of automatically for you.

The new option introduces a change that makes sure containers and columns fully work in the way the CSS specification suggests. Previously, when the background color had an alpha channel of less than 1, the blending started automatically. This is no lo longer the case. Blending will only happen when explicitly set through that option. The value of “overlay” corresponds to what you have been used to up to Avada 6.0.3.

Avada 6.0 Important Update Information

1. Avada and Fusion Builder Live – The New Site Creation Suite

Avada 6.0 focused on one major goal and that is to bring the intuitive and easy workflow you are used to to the front-end. You will be able to have a live preview of your pages allowing you to see how any element, page-specific or global setting changes will impact the design. The team has worked incredibly hard to ensure that Avada delivering the most intuitive UI ever while speeding up your building experience. You’ll see the live results while your creativity flows and will be able to create pages faster than ever.

We have created an introduction page, a promotion video and of course docs to tell you all about this new product:

2. Child Theme Users – Template Overrides – Display Issues Post Update

In order to make the new editing experience in Avada 6.0 possible, it was technically needed to change some of the template files and core functions. If you are using a child theme and override pluggable functions or if you use template overrides, please make sure to update your child theme to the latest versions of the functions and templates and then copy your customizations back to them.

For more information on child themes and the theme update process, please see here:

3. Avada Now Supports CSS Variables

The new version comes with an option to turn on CSS variables, which can be found on the Performance tab in Theme Options. CSS variables are custom CSS properties, which contain specific values which can be reused throughout a web page. This means that e.g. the same color can easily be set with just one variable in different places instead of noting the actual value. An example for this notation is: color: var(--primary-color);.

Support of this modern stylesheet markup allows for faster dynamic CSS compilation and results in lighter stylesheets. It is compatible with all modern browser (Internet Explorer does not support CSS variables).

Some of Avada’s CSS files will look a bit different in appearance, because of this new feature, and when the option is turned on, also the results in dev tools of your browser will reflect the markup of the above example.

4. Avada Earned Envato’s Gutenberg Optimized Badge

In Avada 6.0 we have introduced several new steps of support of the WordPress block editor, making work with it even easier. Here are the main items:

  • Avada now supports front-end and back-end styling for Gutenberg native blocks.

  • Gutenberg font size support was added and matches Theme Option values.

  • Block editor width will now fully reflect the site width set in Theme Options.

  • Added support for the Gutenberg alignfull and alignwide classes in back-end and front-end.

Avada 5.8 Important Update Information

1. Fixes XXS Security Issue In Bootstrap JS Fixed

For the release of Avada 5.8.2 we have fixed a XXS security issue pertaining to Avada versions 5.8.1 and below. The fix is for the bootstrap JS libraries that are used in Avada and is listed in our Changelog.

We checked and verified the bootstrap vulnerability as soon as it was discovered. Once confirmed, our team took immediate steps to apply the fix to Avada 5.8.2, which has been released.

Have a full read about it in our blog: XXS security fix in Avada 5.8.2.

2. Dynamic CSS & JS Options Moved To Performance Tab

In Avada 5.8 we have introduced several new, performance-related settings. For your convenience, we have gathered them all on the new Performance tab in Theme Options. The settings to cache dynamic CSS and JS assets also belong to this new tab and have therefore been moved to it from the Advanced tab. You will now also find the button to clear the Fusion Caches there.

3. Avada 5.8 Is Font Awesome Pro Ready

We have provided an easy way to integrate your Font Awesome Pro subscription in Avada 5.8. You will now be able to use the full range of FA Pro icons on your site. For more information about it, please see our Font Awesome Pro Integration document.

Avada 5.7.2 Important Update Information

1. Fixes XXS Security Issue In Bootstrap JS Fixed

For the release of Avada 5.7.2 we have fixed a XXS security issue pertaining to Avada versions 5.7.1 and below. The fix is for the bootstrap JS libraries that are used in Avada and is listed in our Changelog.

Our development team was alerted to and thereby took action to check and verify the bootstrap vulnerability. Once accurately verified, our team took steps to apply the fix to Avada 5.7.2.

Have a full read about it in our blog: XXS security fix in Avada 5.7.2.

2. Compatibility With WordPress 5.0

WordPress version 5.0 has been released on November 19th, November 27th, December 6th, adding Gutenberg to the WordPress core. The release was delayed several times and we and we have prepared a comprehensive article, WordPress 5.0, Avada, & You. All That You Need To Know, to keep you abreast of progress.

Avada 5.7 Important Update Information

1. Fusion White Label Branding 1.1 Released

With Avada 5.7, we have updated Fusion White Label Branding to version 1.1, introducing a bunch of new and highly requested features, like import/export, section and overall option reset and options to disable various admin menus.

2. Container Publishing Settings

Avada 5.7 introduces a new and very versatile option to Fusion Builder container elements: Container Publishing Status. It allows users to set Draft or Published status on individual containers per page. If you want to prepare a special section for a later release on one of your live pages, this will help you to preview the section, without visitors seeing it. For promotional and other purposes, we have also added Published Until and Publish After settings, which let you choose an end or a start date and time when a container should be auto published. You can read more about it on the Container Element Page.

3. Header Color And Transparency

This update introduces header transparency on mobile devices, which has been a long requested feature. While adding this for your convenience, we have also reworked our desktop header color and transparency settings in Fusion Page Options, for consistency reasons. That means, moving forward, you can set both the color and transparency level of the desktop header through just one color picker, like you are already used to in Theme Options. The same pattern also applies to the mobile header. Already set pages are auto converted to this new format, so you don’t have to make any manual edits.

4. Menu Icons In Vertical Menu Widget

Our vertical menu widget can now display custom menu icons you have set in the Avada Menu Options. This is new to Avada 5.7, so if you were using a menu within the vertical menu widget, that already had icons set, they will now be displayed on the front end.

5. Image Element Glow And Dropshadow

Avada 5.7 comes with a new blur option, which lets you fine tune the amount of highlight you want to set through glow or drop shadow on the Image Element. With this update, we have also fixed the style color option for drop and bottom shadows. They will now appear in the color that is set as the style color, which could lead to slight visual changes on existing pages.

6. Post Title Color Fix

In Avada 5.7, we have fixed the post title color option on blog archive pages and for the blog element. Previously the set color did not change there for post titles. This could lead to slight visual changes after the update.

7. Fusion Slider Settings Moved in Database

In previous versions of Avada, the Fusion Slider settings have been stored in the wp_options table of WordPress. That simply has been the case, because Fusion Slider was released, before WordPress introdiced wp_terms_meta table in WP 4.4. To improve the table management and also option deletion process, when sliders are deleted, we move the Fusion Slider options to the wp_terms_meta table in Avada 5.7. This is done through an automatic migration on update, so you don’t have to do anything.

When exporting or migrating a site, it is important that you don’t “mix” a pre Avada 5.7 site with a site on Avada 5.7 or later, to make sure you don’t have Fusion Slider option entries in both database tables, or worse just in the wp_options table (old), and not the wp_terms_meta one (new).

8. Avada And Gutenberg – Continued Compatibility Progress

Here at ThemeFusion HQ, we constantly strive to evolve Fusion Builder, by adding new features and dynamic solutions to supercharge your workflow. We have big plans for Fusion Builder in the coming months and years, and as a team, we are excited to deliver these updates to our wonderful customers.

While Fusion Builder continues to set new benchmarks for usability and and functionality, we are also aware, that the WordPress core development team likewise is hard at work to improve the default editing experience of WordPress. The classic editor has come a long way, but it is time for an improved WordPress native post editing experience. This is why the new Gutenberg editor will be released with WordPress 5.0. The new WP editor is still positioned as a beta plugin and has not matured enough to make it into core, but eventually it will be merged in.

We know that our user-base prefers the power and convenience of Fusion Builder to create and edit their page and post content, but we also believe that we should make it easier for everyone to try out Gutenberg and to use it side by side with the Avada Fusion Builder. For this reason, we have added several small helpers to Avada 5.7. By default, if you have the Gutenberg plugin enabled, the Fusion Builder will load on edit pages of post types where you have it enabled. Also, we have added a Fusion Builder edit link to the WP native new/edit dropdowns, and we have added a new button on top of the Gutenberg main panel, that lets you easily switch to the Fusion Builder.

If you want to try out some of our elements in Gutenberg, you are free to do so: we have added our element generator to the Gutenberg classic block, so that you can easily check it out.

Our team will stay on top of the Gutenberg development cycle as it develops to ensure that Avada users get the best out of WordPress and Avada.

Avada 5.6 Important Update Information

1. Changes in Events Calendar Template

Events Calendar has changed their template with the page title displaying above the filter bar. We have added a new option “Display Events Page Title” found in Avada > Theme Options > Events Calendar > General Events Calendar.

This option will have 3 different states for the Events Calendar Page Title: Above, Below, and Disabled. Default state is below, so the page title will be displayed below the filter bar and the title tag will automatically use H2 tag. When above is chosen, the page title will be displayed above the filter bar and the title tag will use H1 tag. It can also be disabled.

“Display Events Page Title” option will only show when users are on latest or higher version of Events Calendar plugin. If the users update Avada without Events Calendar, then, all will stay as it was.

2. Google API Type

Controls the Google API type that should be used to load your map. Choose between JS API or Embed API. The JavaScript API allows for more options and custom styling, but could be charged for by Google depending on map loads, while the embed API can be used for free regardless of map loads. For more information please see the Google Maps Users Guide.

3. Mobile Search For All Header Types

Enable a search icon/field for your mobile menu regardless on which header type you choose.

4. Dynamic CSS & JS – Load Media-Queries Files Asynchronously

Additional performance enhancements on mobile and desktop is the Load Media-Queries Files Asynchronously option which is new for Avada 5.6. This option can be found in Avada > Theme Options > Performance > Dynamic CSS & JS. When you set Load Media-Queries Files Asynchronously option to OFF, all media-queries are compiled inside the main CSS file – just like it works in previous versions. If set to ON, then they are separate files. The main compiled CSS file is smaller in size, and all media-queries are loaded asynchronously.

Avada v5.5 Important Information

1. Title and Caption in WooCommerce Single Product Images’ Lightbox

This new feature on Avada’s latest version is ON by default, so you might see Title and Caption displaying on your single product images’ lightbox. Should you want to disable this, just go to Avada > Theme Options > Lightbox and set the options for Title and Caption to OFF. In case you just need to edit the Title and Caption, simply go to each image and set your preferred title and caption.

2. Integration of Font Awesome 5

Avada 5.5 now includes Font Awesome 5 Free version, which offers almost 300 more icons. With this upgrade, you might see slight visual differences in your icons depending on the icons used on a site. We are not in control of this and is done by Font Awesome 5. In order to offer latest version and also all the new icons, this was inevitable.

Once you update to Avada 5.5, please also make sure that you are not using outdated versions of third party plugins that still include only Font Awesome 4.x versions, because this could cause compatibility issues and lead to icons not showing correctly on the frontend.

3. Changes in Flip Box Animation Settings

We have made changes to how the animation settings on Flip boxes are being applied, so its animation settings are now consistent with the Content boxes, animating the whole boxes and not only the icons.

4. New Masonry Options

Masonry layouts now support 2×2 images for extra large image rendering. Masonry Image Aspect Ratio and Masonry 2×2 Width are new masonry options that apply to the Blog, Gallery, and Portfolio elements.

Masonry Image Aspect Ratio is used to determine when an image should become landscape (ratio being width : height) and portrait (ratio being height : width). Masonry 2×2 Width option decides when a square 1×1 image should become 2×2. This will not apply to images that highly favor landscape or portrait layouts. These two options can be set globally in Avada > Options > Extra > Grid/Masonry and Blog, Gallery, and Portfolio elements have options to override these.

To know more about setting up a masonry layout in Avada, please view the Masonry Layout Options article.

5. Single Post Title using H1 or H2

For Avada 5.5 we have enhanced the single post header typography management. The post header for single posts, single FAQ, single portfolio, and WooCommerce single product pages will automatically default to a H1 tag if for example, Page Title Bar >> Page Title Bar Text is set to > Hide. if Page Title Bar >> Page Title Bar Text is set to > Show then the post header will default automatically to H2.

6. New Fusion Builder Elements & Improvements

We’re excited to introduce 3 new amazing Fusion Builder elements – Chart element, Image Before / After element, and Syntax Highlighter element, that will help you present data and statistics, compare two images, and display codeblocks on your website.

The Chart element lets you display amazing chart types such as Bar, Horizontal Bar, Line, Pie, Doughnut, Radar, or Polar Area that are perfect for displaying statistics and data on your website. The Image Before & After element lets you compare two images by adding before image and after image on your page and and you can choose “Slide” effect which provides a handle to move back and forth the two images while “Fade” effect changes the image on mouse hover. The Syntax Highlighter element lets you display your codeblock with your chosen code language in the frontend of your website and allow your visitors to easily copy your code with a click of the button.

The Text Block Element now has the option to choose Number Of Inline Columns (1-6) text should be broken into. This is designed to be used for running text, images, dropcaps and other inline content and so much more. Please do see our comprehensive changelog.

Avada v5.4.2 Important Information

1. Support of WooCommerce 3.3 Requires Avada 5.4.2

WooCommerce 3.3 is (was) released on Jan 30th, and Avada 5.4.2 must be used if with it as it offers full compatibility with this new version of WooCommerce. As our userbase knows, we always make sure that Avada is working nicely with the latest version of WooCommerce, and that we keep adjusting our codebase continually in order to use state of the art architecture, supporting newest features.

A lot of things have changed in this new version of WooCommerce. The “Display” options page e.g. which has previously been under the “Product” tab in WooCommerce Settings, is now in the customizer. WooCommerce 3.3 now offers a product column setting for the first time there. Since Avada has been offering this option since a long time, and since we offer 3 different column options (main shop page, archive pages and cross-/upsell-product areas), which offers a lot more flexibility for our users, we’ll stick to these already well-known options which you find in our Theme Options panel on the WooCommerce tab, just as per usual.

Under the hood, WooCommerce made a lot of changes to template files and added a bunch of new functions that should be used from now on. This helps cleaning up code and makes WooCommerce staying on top of new and upcoming programming trends. At the same time some old functions have been deprecated in favor of the new ones, to make sure the community is staying up to date with WooCommerce.

All of this has been taken care of in Avada 5.4.2 for your convenience!

2. Avada drops support for the outdated WooCommerce 2.6.x versions

Since Avada 5.4.2 now offers support for the brand new WooCommerce 3.3 version, we decided that this was also a good time to do some housekeeping. We have always been supporting several versions of WooCommerce at the same time, to make updating to latest versions an easy and seamless process for our users, without forcing them to update within a few days. We’ll stick to this well-established course, and thus Avada 5.4.2 will support every WooCommerce version from 3.0 onwards. That does mean that we drop support for the old and outdated 2.6.x versions. Why these versions? Because 2.6 was the last minor version before the 3.0 major release, so we are dropping only one minor now. Also, the release of 2.6.14 was at the beginning of February 2017, so almost everyone should be on one of the 3.x versions by now. In addition, as said above, WooCommerce 3.3 has deprecated some older functions and changed quite a few template files. So, it became necessary to cut support for 2.6.x versions to make sure we are not using deprecated functions in Avada and to clean up our WooCommerce support code.

If you have not updated your WooCommerce install to 3.x or the new 3.3, it is now the best time to do so. Once WooCommerce is up to date, you can update Avada anytime to 5.4.2 and will get the best working experience yet.

3. Updating to Avada 5.4.2 before WooCommerce 3.3 is released when you have template overrides in a child theme

In case you are using a child theme and are using full template overrides, we recommend waiting with the theme update until WooCommerce releases its version 3.3. Reason for this is, that otherwise you will have to change the folder structure in the child theme, and that only until WooCommerce has finally released.

If you nevertheless choose to update Avada right away, please move your templates from woocommerce to woocommerce/compatibility/3.2/. 3.2 folder does look strange, but is correct in that case, as once WooCommerce has been released, that is where compatibility for older versions will be.

4. Updating Avada from 5.4.1 to 5.4.2

When updating Avada to 5.4.2 from Avada 5.4.1, please make sure that you have the only available patch, with title “Fixes PHP fatal error when Fusion Builder is active without Avada.”, applied.

Updating using the auto update functionality or a direct FTP update won’t be of any issue. But if you want to upload the theme, using the WP theme uploader, you would have to remove old theme prior to that. And in that case, the patch needs to be applied first, as you would get a PHP fatal error otherwise, and the site would no longer be accessible.

This could then be resolved again, by logging into your site via FTP and simply renaming the fusion-builder folder in plugins folder to a different name. That way, the site can be accessed again as Fusion Builder plugin gets auto deactivated. Then you can install Avada, rename Fusion Builder folder back, and finally reactivate Fusion Builder.

Obviously it is better though, to either use auto update for the theme and/or to make sure the patch is applied prior to update, which resolves this inconvenience for good.

Avada v5.4 Important Information

1. Thank you 2017, Bring On 2018!

Avada 5.4 is an end of the year gift to our customers, one last awesome update full of value added features for you! We’ve included 3 premium plugins worth over $100 for free! ACF Pro, Convert Plus & Fusion White Label Branding! In addition, we’ve included 3 new professionally designed demos ready rot import however you’d prefer, full, partial, single pages, etc.

One last awesome update for 2017! A promise from us to continue and add more value to Avada so this amazing product can continue and change the workflow of hundreds of thousands of people who use it daily to build incredible websites. Bring on 2018, the best year to come!

Avada v5.3 Important Information

1. Compatibility with WP 4.9

Avada 5.3 is fully compatible with the latest release of WordPress 4.9. WordPress updated color pickers and other native scripts, so we strongly recommend updating to Avada 5.3 to ensure everything on your site works just fine. While on the frontend everything will still look good, even when you use Avada 5.2.2, on the backend the Theme Options panel and also element color pickers won’t work on WP 4.9 and versions of Avada below 5.2.3.

IF you are using WordPress 4.9, you must be on Avada 5.2.3 or higher with all patches applied, however we recommend being on Avada 5.3

2. Added Submenu to WooCommerce My-Account Menu Item

A new dropdown menu was added to the WooCommerce My-Account menu entry. It contains all the links to the account pages that are also available from any account page. That makes navigating to orders or billing address update a lot easier.

Now you can get all the proper WooCommerce pages in the menu for your customers!

3. Deprecation Notice for Side Navigation Page Template

In Avada 5.3 we introduce a new vertical menu widget. It can display any menu created on the WP menus page, and also the classic side navigation that has always been part of Avada. Instead of having to set every page that should be part of a side navigation to the Side Navigation template, the new widget can be used in a shared sidebar. For setup of the widget please see the Avada Vertical Menu Widget section of this doc post.

The previous side navigation template will still work for a few updates but will be deprecated. We strongly recommend that you change your side navigation setup to this new widget and also use it for any new setups because the Side Navigation template will be deprecated in one of our future versions. To remind you about it, when you visit a page already set to that template, or when you change a page to it, a warning notice will be shown.

4. Grid Separator Styles

A new option to control the separator style and color within grid boxes was added to Theme Options > Extra > Grid Box Styling. Corresponding options have also been added to the blog and the portfolio elemnts. This allows for more styling flexibility. In some edge cases the separators in grid boxes might appear where they did not on older versions of Avada, or vice versa. So please do a quick check on pages where you might be using grid layouts to make sure the separators look like you want them to.

Now grid box styling is all controlled properly and has the correct settings to style the grid boxes throughout the theme; Blog, Portfolio, WooCommerce. Also with the new separator style setting, if you were using something other than the default double line, please check the setting in Theme Options > Extra > Grid Box Styling to ensure the setting you want to have is selected.

5. The Most Exciting Update of the Year!

We are excited to bring you the culmination of several months of development, Avada 5.3 our most exciting update of the year! Our team has been working with full determination to release one of the most feature packed versions ever, and so we are proud to present the highlight of this year to our 370,000+ users.

Avada 5.3 contains 5 new professionally designed demos, Fusion Builder global elements which is an incredible feature to save you a lot of time and effort for repeat content on your site, new full height scrolling sections, a whole new sliding bar experience, a new mobile flyout menu, new styling options for archive pages, import / export of Fusion Page Options, a new vertical menu widget and a sticky page update button for Fusion Builder. And that is only a few of the incredible new features, there is so much more! We hope you enjoy it! Click the button below to view all the new features and improvements for Avada 5.3!

Avada v5.2 Important Information

Avada 5.2 Is A Fantastic Feature Update With No Specific Important Notes To Consider, Only Features!

We are excited to bring you the culmination of several months of development!. Avada 5.2 brings the best demo importer on the market! You can import full demos, partial demos by only choosing specifc content like pages, posts, theme options, etc. And you can remove previously imported content! We have also added 3 new professionally designed demos to go along with the importer that are beautiful! We’ve also added a new gallery element or fusion Builder to create awesome photo galleries in minutes, masonry layouts added for both blog an portfolio grid, sticky sidebar settings, new mega menu background images and menu highlights, more theme options, performance enhancements and so much more! We hope you enjoy it! Click the button below to view all the new features and improvements for Avada 5.2!

Avada v5.1 Important Information

1. Clear the Fusion Cache

When the update for the theme has been completed, go to the Avada  > Options > Performance > Dynamic CSS & JS and reset the Fusion Cache by clicking the button. This will ensure the cache is cleared for the theme files.

2. The Top “Avada” Menu In The WP Admin Bar Was Redundant & Removed From The Backend

We removed the top “Avada” menu item from the WP Admin bar when in the WP Admin backend area. The top “Avada” menu in the WP Admin Bar will now only show on the frontend. Having it show in the top WP Admin Bar on the backend was confusing and redundant because there was also an “Avada” menu in the left sidebar of the WP Admin area. You can still access everything that was under that menu item through the “Avada” menu item in the WP Admin’s left sidebar area.

This means a cleaner and less confusing WP Admin area. Many customers were confused by there being two “Avada” menus in the WP Admin backend area. In Avada 5.1, there is a “Avada” menu in the backend on the left sidebar, and an “Avada” menu in the Top Admin Bar on the frontend when viewing your live site. This gives you access to all Avada menu items for both the backend and frontend.

3. The Dropdown Menu Under “Appearance” Has Been Cleaned Up

Previously under the “Appearance” menu in the WP Admin backend, there was an extra Theme Options link, and three unnecessary links: Header / Background / Install Plugins. All of these were also redundant links. Theme Options link is available under the normal “Avada” menu, the Install Plugins link is used for plugins included with Avada and is also under the normal “Avada” menu. The Header and Background links are not needed there since those are controlled in the Theme Options panel itself.

Yet again, a cleaner and less confusing WP Admin area. There is not a need to have a link that leads to the same place in multiple areas, or to have unnecessary links. That only leads to confusion when using the theme.

4. Avada’s Custom Menu Options In Appearance > Menu Now Show Via A Button Option Window

Previously, Avada’s custom menu settings in WP Admin > Appearance > Menu were displayed directly in the menu box. This created clutter since WordPress already offers many fields there, and often customers overlooked Avada’s options. In Avada 5.1, we’ve cleaned this up and put all the Avada specific menu options inside a window activated via a button. Clicking the button will open a modal window directly on the page to show you all the available options.

A cleaner menu editing experience. WordPress allows several default fields to show (Link Target, Title Attribute, CSS Classes, Link Relationship, Description, etc) … add all of those with the multiple menu options that Avada offers and it becomes very cluttered. Now we’ve made it easier to see the difference between the default WordPress menu options, and the custom Avada menu options. Simply click the Avada Options button to access them, select the ones you want and click save.

5. WooCommerce 3.0 and Child Themes

If you are using WooCommerce child theme overrides, please take note of this. Due to the much anticipated Woocommerce 2.7 scheduled release that was deferred to Woocommerce 3.0, and for reasons beyond our control, several important changes need to be adhered to:


If you had previously updated to Avada 5.1 – 5.1.4 and to Woocommerce 2.6.14 with an active child theme the following folder path adjustment was required.

From (default path): Avada-Child-Theme/woocommerce/

To: Avada-Child-Theme/woocommerce/compatibility/2.6

If you update to Avada 5.1.5 from Avada 5.1 – 5.1.4 the folder path needs to be reverted.

From: Avada-Child-Theme/woocommerce/compatibility/2.6

To (default path): Avada-Child-Theme/woocommerce/

It is also important to note, this release from Woocommerce is comprehensive, with significant changes on their part and although Avada is 100% design integrated with WooCommerce, some steps may be needed, when you added customizations to some of our template overrides in your child theme. The overrides you were using for WooCommerce 2.6.14 will most likely be outdated and not be compatible with WooCommerce 3.0. The new template overrides from Avada are located in the Avada/woocommerce folder. Please take the needed files from there, move them to your child theme (folder: Avada-Child-Theme/woocommerce/), and add your customizations in place. In general, for most use cases there are actions and filters available in WooCommerce and also in Avada, so we recommend using those, if possible, instead of doing custom template overrides. If you have further questions, please contact our staff through a ticket.

6. The New WooCommerce 3.0 Is Only Compatible With Avada 5.1.5

WooCommerce was planning on releasing the next version as WooCommerce 2.7, and was going to be released on the same day as Avada 5.1. We made preparations to ensure compatibility, then WooCommerce changed the release from 2.7 to 3.0 and delayed it a month.

WHAT DOES THIS MEAN FOR YOU? WooCommerce 3.0 is now live, and we have released Avada 5.1.5 to be compatible with it. Please make sure to be using Avada 5.1.5 if you are using WooCommerce 3.0

7. WooCommerce 3.0 Single Product Gallery Zoom Feature

WooCommerce 3.0 introduces a new single product gallery zoom feature. Avada has taken this into consideration and also implemented the zoom feature into our own custom Avada gallery. When using Avada you can choose to use the default WooCommerce product gallery, or the custom Avada product gallery via a theme options in theme options > WooCommerce > General WooCommerce tab. The zoom feature will work for both galleries.

WHAT DOES THIS MEAN FOR YOU? To utilize the zoom effect, you must be using WooCommerce 3.0 and Avada 5.1.5. There is a specific setup that must be followed in order to achieve the zoom effect, please see this post for details. We have also added WooCommerce Product Gallery Zoom option to enable or disable the effect, a new product gallery size option to control the exact size of the gallery, and a new thumbnail column option to control the amount of thumbnails that show.to help you customize the product gallery even more.

Avada v5.0 Important Information

1. Avada 5.0 Conversion

The new Fusion Builder structure, which will eventually allow us to release it for every theme on the market, requires your current Fusion Builder content to be converted. When you update to Avada 5.0 and visit the WP admin area, you will be presented with a splash screen that explains the details of conversion. The process is simple and runs automatically once you trigger it by checking the box and clicking the button. The process ensures the content you created with the previous Fusion Builder is structured for the new Fusion Builder.

WHAT DOES THIS MEAN FOR YOU? First, it is always good practice to make backups of your database before you upgrade any type of software, the same is true here. When you see the splash screen, please read through the content. All Avada elements are now prefixed with fusion- to avoid conflicts with 3rd-party plugins in the future, generic names have been removed. Check the box at the bottom, then click the button to start conversion. The conversion process speed will depend on the size of your site, but please make sure to let it run and do not close the window once you have started it. If you are on a multi-site, each site will be run individually when visiting each sites admin area.

In addition, if you are on an older version of Avada (pre 4.0) we do recommend that you first update to Avada 4.0+, then to 5.0. If you need a copy of Avada 4.0.3 please contact support. This step is not required, but recommended.

2. Fusion Builder Is Now Its Own Plugin

Previous versions of Avada only required one plugin, Fusion Core. We’ve now separated out the new Fusion Builder into its own plugin as it should be. This allows us to continue and expand upon the plugin, build add ons, allow it to be used with any theme, and keep the overall package lighter and better organized. .

WHAT DOES THIS MEAN FOR YOU? Only great things! When you install or update to Avada 5.0, you will need to install / update both Fusion Core and Fusion Builder plugins, both are required to use with Avada. Breaking Fusion Builder off into its own plugin has allowed us to rebuilt it from the ground up for speed & performance, extensibility, better user interface and so much more. It will continue to be developed and enhanced from our amazing community.

3. Fusion Builder Backend Welcome Screen With Global Options

Fusion Builder now has its own set of global options that allow you to do many things. Once you install Fusion Builder, you will see a new menu item in the WP admin area called Fusion Builder that has its own Welcome Screen area with informational pages, support, Faqs, global settings and future add ons!

WHAT DOES THIS MEAN FOR YOU? Better organization and future offerings! With Fusion Builder being its own plugin, we are now able to truly expand upon it and build it into the best page builder on the market, through add ons, top notch support and continued development. Global settings allow you to disable any single Fusion Builder element in case you are not using it, which gives you a performance boost; they also allow you to enable Fusion Builder on any registered post type; import and export any and all saved content from the Fusion Builder Library and more.

4. New Product Registration Method For Auto Updates / Avada Demos / Premium Plugins

The previous product registration for the auto theme update system was based off the old Envato API, which is soon to be retired. Therefore, we needed to update our product registration method with the new Envato API token key method. This is very simple and only requires one token key generated on the Envato site. With this, we have been able to simplify and enhance the registration process. Avada 5.0 now offloads both Avada Demos and the premium plugins (Slider Revolution + Layer Slider) that are included with the theme via token key registration. They are no longer packaged with the theme zip but offloaded from a server. This has allowed us to give you the lightest version of Avada ever that will easily install on pretty much any host without having to increase PHP configs or FTP the theme folder.

WHAT DOES THIS MEAN FOR YOU? Any previous product registration is no longer active because the old Envato API is being removed. If you are already registered for auto updates on Avada v4+, then you will see an auto update to Avada 5.0. However that will be the last one, you need to register again once on 5.0 under the new token method. To receive auto updates, Avada demos (both full demo imports and the new Fusion Builder single page imports) and the included premium plugins (Slider Revolution + Layer Slider), you need to register your product on the Product Registration Tab in the Avada Welcome Screen area. Open the toggle for easy instructions on how to get your key. Once complete, you will have access to auto theme updates, all Avada Demos and the Revolution Slider and Layer Slider.

5. Avada Demos + Premium Plugins Can Only Be Used After Product Registration

Yep, we just mentioned this in #4 above, but we want to make sure you fully understand. In Avada 5.0, there is a new product registration method that is required for you to receive Avada Demos, the Revolution Slider and the Layer Slider. The process is easy to complete, and allows the theme zip to be 70% smaller than what it was, which drastically reduces overall resources on the server and allows customers to easily upload the theme via WP admin.

WHAT DOES THIS MEAN FOR YOU? A lighter, faster, easier to install theme zip, that still includes everything you are familiar with. As mentioned above, just make sure you register your product via the Envato token key to receive auto theme updates, Avada demos, Revolution Slider, and the Layer Slider.

6. Specific Changes To Fusion Builder Structure

The new Fusion Builder has a completely new structure. This means a certain format is needed to build pages, which is a great thing. This allows the builder to work with any theme in the future once we are ready to release it outside of Avada. Everything now goes into containers. The process to follow is ‘container > columns > elements’. The intuitive user interface leads you into this process naturally without even having to think about it. And don’t worry, your previous pages will be converted to this format as described in #1 above. In addition, the new structure and user interface allows you to add any type of container, column or element anywhere on the page!

WHAT DOES THIS MEAN FOR YOU? The process of building pages will always start with adding a container, then columns, then an element. The intuitive user interface makes this extremely fast by adding the container + columns sets automatically when you click the + Container or + Column button. The + Elements, + Container & + Columns actions are always present, as well as the main control bar which is always present and available anywhere you scroll on the page.

7. Shortcode Styling Panel Is Now Called Fusion Builder Elements in Fusion Theme Options

Fusion Builder is now a separate plugin, yet will always have tight integration for our beloved Avada users. Previously to edit global shortcode options from Fusion Builder, you went to Avada > Theme Options > Shortcode Styling tab. Now the tab is named, Fusion Builder Elements.

WHAT DOES THIS MEAN FOR YOU? This is only a name change to be more accurate for what the product offers. Fusion Builder consists of several elements, and the global options for them are located at Avada > Theme Options > Fusion Builder Elements.

8. Portfolio and FAQ Page Templates Removed In Place of More Efficient Fusion Builder Elements

Previous versions of Avada had page templates for both Portfolio and FAQ post types. Each post type had their own page templates you needed to specifically use. This is very limiting when it comes to creative page building, so we removed the page templates and converted both of them to Fusion Builder Elements that can be used on any page or post, anytime, anywhere! Conversion from #1 above takes care of any current pages that use these templates and converts them to the proper Fusion Builder Element with the correct options set.

WHAT DOES THIS MEAN FOR YOU? More flexibility and creative layouts! You are no longer stuck to a specific page template which always places the post type at the top, and any other page content below. Now with the Portfolio and FAQ Fusion Builder Elements, you can place them anywhere on your pages or posts, in columns or widgets, anywhere you choose. This is a big improvement and gives you creative freedom.

9. General Questions & Support

Avada 5.0 is our biggest update to date and includes over 80+ new features including the new Fusion Builder. We are fully dedicated to you, our customers and will be working around the clock to help you with any questions you may have after updating.

WHAT DOES THIS MEAN FOR YOU? It means we are here for you, always! Any questions or issues you have only requires you to submit a ticket through our support site and our friendly staff of experts will gladly help answer it for you. You can also choose to browse the Avada Documentation Archive and the Fusion Builder Documentation Archive. Simply enter your issues’ keywords into the search bar to bring up all related articles.

Avada v4.0 Important Information

1. We Recommended Updating To v4.0 From v3.8 or Higher

We recommend to update Avada v4.0 from Avada 3.8 or higher. It is not required, however significant changes have been made from 3.8 onward and have continued in Avada 4.0. with a new theme options panel. If you are below Avada 3.8, you can download Avada 3.9.4 from our support site to that version first, then update to version 4.0.

WHAT DOES THIS MEAN FOR YOU? If you are on Avada v3.7.3 or lower, you should first update to Avada 3.9.4. To get a copy, please contact Support. This step is not required, only recommended.

2. Theme Option Migration & Fusion Core Update

Avada 4.0 has a brand new theme option panel powered by Redux. Due to the new panel, it is necessary for previous Avada installations to migrate options over to Redux. A migration screen will show once Avada 4.0 is active. The migration runs through steps and completes, then you must go and update the fusion core plugin.

WHAT DOES THIS MEAN FOR YOU? When you update to Avada v4, your current theme option values will be copied and stored in your database for safe keeping. No data is lost this way. The extra copy of theme options is then migrated over to Redux so you can enjoy the new options panel. Always make sure you backup your current theme folder before you upgrade. This post explains more information about the migration. The migration can also be manually triggered on the Support tab in the Avada welcome screen. When migration is finished, you will see a large red button telling you to update Fusion Core plugin also. Click it and it will take you to update fusion core.

3. Theme Option Organization

Avada 4.0 brings an entirely new user interface for theme options. Many of the options that were previously spread out on several tabs are now combined into one control. Because of this, we’ve completely reorganized theme options into logical groupings according to page setup. This new setup makes it much easier to find options and provides faster editing. In addition, there is a new search field that can quickly pull up the option you need with a few keywords.

WHAT DOES THIS MEAN FOR YOU? Better, more logical option organization that will allow you to make option edits faster and more efficiently. In addition, the search field allows you to quickly find an option based off a keyword. The best way to think about the organization is this … if you wish to find an option dealing with the menu, the option will be on the menu tab. This includes all colors, typography and styling options as well. The only exception are sidebars, all sidebars are controlled on one sidebar tab in theme options.

4. Theme Option Dependency

Theme options are now streamlined with dependent options, this means that only options that work with your current configuration will be displayed. An option that does not work with your current configuration will be hidden. An example of this is on the Header Content tab. If you select Header 1 layout, you will see it hides most of the content options that will not work, like tagline, banner code, etc.

More efficient editing! There is no longer a possibility of changing an option value and not seeing it take affect on the front end. Any option that will not work based on your other option selections, will be hidden. As a fallback, you can always see every option through an option search.

5. Social Icon Colors

Avada 4.0 has a new setup for social icons. Previously you could set one color value that applies to all icons, or set an individual color per icon. We’ve made this incredibly easier in 4.0 with our new color type option. The new color type option allows you to choose “Custom” or “Brand”. Custom allows you to enter one color value which is applied to all icons, just like in previous versions of Avada. Brand colors will automatically set a different color per icon and it pulls the exact color value for each network based on their brand guides.

WHAT DOES THIS MEAN FOR YOU? A major increase in efficiency for creating custom social network colors. There is no longer a need to set an individual color per network by using var(–awb-color1)|var(–awb-color8)|#eee, simply select “Brand” colors and the approved brand colors from each social networks will be applied.

6. Custom Social Icon Boxed Mode

With the new social icon setup in 4.0, custom icons must be uploaded with a box if you wish to use them boxed. Any custom icon uploaded will display exactly as you upload it regardless if you choose “boxed” in our settings. Only our built in icons can utilize the boxed mode since they are a icon font, and not an image.

WHAT DOES THIS MEAN FOR YOU? If you are using a custom social icon and want it boxed, you will need to add a box to the image you upload. This keeps the interface simpler and shows a true result for what is uploaded. In addition, you can now upload unlimited custom icons, and custom fonts. And more social network icons are being added to the theme by default in the future. Xing has beed added in 4.0

7. Retina Width & Height Fields Removed

Previously you were required to enter the width and height of the normal 1x logo image so the 2x retina logo could display properly. In Avada 4.0 we have removed that requirement and auto calculate the correct size for you.

WHAT DOES THIS MEAN FOR YOU? Only good things! There is no longer a need to manually enter values of the 1x logo. We automatically pull the correct values and ensure the size displayed is 100% correct for regular 1x and retina 2x logos.

8. Widget Areas (previously known as Widget Sections) Moved To WordPress Widget Area

Avada’s widget areas (previously called widget sections) used to be located in their own section of the WordPress admin. Avada v4.0 has them directly at the top of the main WordPress widget area.

WHAT DOES THIS MEAN FOR YOU? Faster, easier creating, editing, managing of widget areas and sidebars. Everything is in one place!

Avada v3.9 Important Information

1. WooCommerce Cart / My Account Dropdown Now Follow Dropdown Width Theme Option

The WooCommerce menu cart dropdown width and my account menu dropdown width is now controlled by the dropdown width theme option for main and top menu in theme options > menu tab.

WHAT DOES THIS MEAN FOR YOU? More control! You can now control the width of the cart and my account dropdowns like the other menu dropdowns. The default value has bene put in place to ensure it is wide enough to display the content in each area, but you can adjust it to fit your needs.

2. Footer Column Centering Is Now Fully Centered

In Avada 3.8.8 we added a footer centering option that would center the footer column content. However if you used more then one column, it did not fully center each column, only the content inside of each column. This option is meant to center each column fully, so if you have 3 columns, then each column will be 100% footer width and all content inside will be centered.

WHAT DOES THIS MEAN FOR YOU? When you update to v3.9, if you are using this footer centering option, you will now have the entire footer columns centered in the footer width. So each footer column will be 1/1.

Avada v3.8.7 Important Information

1. Fixed Mode For iPad Removed

The Use Fixed Layout for iPad Portrait option located inside the General tab in Theme Options was deprecated in versions 3.8.6 and and has now been removed in Avada version 3.8.7. This option is outdated and has been causing styling issues.

WHAT DOES THIS MEAN FOR YOU? You can still achieve the same effect by using the ‘Responsive Design’ option located in Theme Options > General tab. This option enables the responsive features globally.

2. The Left/Right Padding For The 100% Width Page Template & 100% Full Width Container Now Applies To Mobile

When using the 100% width page template or a full width container there are options to control the left and right padding value. This padding value was not being applied to mobile screen sizes as it should of been. In 3.8.7 this has been fixed and the padding value when using 100% width will apply to both desktop and mobile.

3. ‘Search Field Height’ Is Combined With ‘Form Field Height’

Prior to Avada version 3.8.7, we had a ‘Search Field Height’ option that affected all search fields. In 3.8.7, we combined that option with all other form fields into one option called the ‘Form Field Height’ option. This new option will affect all search fields, form fields and dropdown select boxes.

WHAT DOES THIS MEAN FOR YOU? If your search fields, form fields, and dropdown select boxes are the wrong height, you may need to replace the default value in the Form Field Height.

4. Side Header Responsive Breakpoint now affects all header layouts

Prior to Avada version 3.8.7, the side header breakpoint was only for side header layout. We’ve expanded this option to now work with top header layout.

WHAT DOES THIS MEAN FOR YOU? You can now control exactly when your header turns into the mobile view regardless of what header layout you are using.

5. Menu Text Align Works With Header 4-5

The menu text align option in theme options > menu now works with both header 4 and 5 as well as all side header layouts.

WHAT DOES THIS MEAN FOR YOU? You can now control how the menu text is aligned in headers 4-5 and all side header layouts. If you were using header 5 prior to 3.8.7, you may see your menu text left aligned, simply modify the menu text align option to your desired result.

Avada v3.8.5 Important Information

1. Child Theme Files

Child theme files may need to be updated if you experience issues. If you have copied child theme files and realize something is not working, it can be due to files that have been copied and modified in your child theme.

WHAT DOES THIS MEAN FOR YOU? If you experience issues with the code edits you have made to your child theme, you may need to update the files you copied to your child theme. Copy the new file from v3.8.5 and move over your edits.

2. Widget Titles Changed From H3 to H4

Sidebar, Footer and Sliding Bar widget title HTML tags have been changed from h3 to h4 for SEO improvements.

WHAT DOES THIS MEAN FOR YOU? If you have modified the sidebar, footer or sliding bar heading tags with custom CSS, you will need to update the classes since it has changed from H3 to H4.

3. Icon Flip Option Has Been Removed

Icons within elements (font awesome icons, content boxes, flip boxes) no longer have the “icon flip” option. This option is deprecated since “icon rotate” option can achieve the same results.

If you were using icon flip, it should automatically be changed

4. Facebook Has Officially Deprecated The Like Box

Facebook has fully deprecated the like box on June 23rd, and now only the page plugin is available. In general you will not have to do anything when updating, but the looks are a bit different and the options have changed. The main difference is that the page plugin only offers one color scheme, so users who were using the dark one will also get the light one now. This change was imposed by Facebook.

5. Improved PHP Compiler

We have drastically improved our LESS compiler and turned it into a PHP compiler. The new compiler offers performance improvements with no additional server resource requirements. We have improved the compiler cache system and added hooks for the compiler. You can activate the compiler in theme options > advanced tab.

Avada v3.8 Important Information

1. Continued Refactoring / CSS Class Name Changes

Part of our code refactoring involved our CSS. We have renamed CSS selectors and updated HTML structure for headers, footers, blog, portfolio and few other areas to follow consistent naming conventions. This was a necessity that allows us to optimise and organize our code and reduces conflicts with other plugins. For the areas mentioned above, also the core template files have been adjusted to make them consistent and easier to maintain. If you changed template files, please keep that in mind.

WHAT DOES THIS MEAN FOR YOU? Please take care when updating if you have used a lot of custom CSS. If you see changes, all it takes is to inspect the page with browser dev tools and find the new class name.

2. All New Sticky Header Setup

Sticky headers in Avada have had a design and setup change. The sticky header no longer has a delayed entrance and never leaves the viewport. This produces higher performance since the menu no longer has to be duplicated and also produces a much more clean look and animation. Each header (1-5) will accurately reflect itself in the sticky header.

WHAT DOES THIS MEAN FOR YOU? A faster performing site with a cleaner sticky header animation/entrance. If you are using header 4 or 5, the menu will only show by default. If you wish to show the logo in the sticky header, there is a new theme option to activate it on the sticky header tab in theme options.

3. Brand New ilightbox!

We’ve made the switch to a more modern, feature rich lightbox called iLightbox. This is a $20 value that you receive for free. iLightbox is faster, more powerful and lightweight.

WHAT DOES THIS MEAN FOR YOU? Only good things! There are now 6 design skins you can choose from as well as navigation thumbnail locations and more. All of these new options are on the lightbox tab in theme options.

4. New Design & Features For All Carousels

Carousels have received a facelift. A design change has moved the images out to the edge and placed the navigation arrows on top of the images. This allows for more room, larger images and a cleaner look. In addition we have added several new options to customize the look of the carousels. Column spacing, column size, mouse click to drag scroll, navigation visibility and more! Because of these changes, we combined the client carousel and the image carousel into one builder element. There is no longer a need for both.

WHAT DOES THIS MEAN FOR YOU? More beautiful carousel designs that are customizable in many ways. The image carousel element has all the new options built into it, and the same options can be used for for related posts/projects in theme options > extra. All previous used client carousels will be converted to image carousel when updating.

5. New Welcome Screen With Auto Updates, Product Registration, Demos, Plugins, System Status

We have drastically streamlined the user experience by adding a welcome screen that allows you to quickly register your product to receive auto updates, access our support links, install beautiful demos with one click, manage our plugins and check on your system status. All of these new sections make your life easier.

WHAT DOES THIS MEAN FOR YOU? Auto updates and install demos are no longer located in the theme options panel. They have their own dedicated section in our Welcome Screen along with the ability to mange our plugins and check system status for any issues that may arise.

6. Lightbox Shortcode Combined With Image Frame Shortcode

There is no longer a need for a separate lightbox shortcode element. Any unique feature to the lightbox shortcode has been combined with our image frame shortcode for more flexibility.

WHAT DOES THIS MEAN FOR YOU? All features and functionality are the same and any lightbox element you have on a page will be converted to an image frame element upon updating.

7. Facebook Widget Requires App ID On June 23rd

Facebook has changed the requirements for their widget. Starting on June 23rd you will need to create an app Id (similar to Twitter widget) to utilize the Facebook widget. We have already prepared for this and you can find instructions in our documentation here.

WHAT DOES THIS MEAN FOR YOU? By June 23rd you need to create a Facebook app so you can continue to use the Facebook widget. These changes are enforced by Facebook and must be followed to use the widget. In addition, Facebook has dropped the dark/light scheme so it can no longer be used with the new widget. This is imposed by Facebook.

Avada v3.7 Important Information

1. Transparent Header Option Can Now Set Opacity Level

Before v3.7, the header could either be fully transparent or not. Now we have built in the ability to set the opacity level from 0 (transparent) to 1 (opaque). The global setting is now controlled in Theme Options > Styling > Background Colors > Header Background Color and Opacity. The individual page setting is in the Fusion Page Options box of each page and post.

WHAT DOES THIS MEAN FOR YOU? If you were using a transparent header before, you will need to reset the opacity level in Fusion Theme Options if using it globally, or Fusion Page Options if using it individually.

2. Menu Highlight Border Now Works For All Headers And Has Border Size Setting

By default, a 3px border shows above the active menu item for headers 1-3. Now we have applied this to work on all headers 1-5 and have given a value to set the size of it in pixels in Theme Options > Menu called Main Menu Highlight Bar Size.

WHAT DOES THIS MEAN FOR YOU? If you are using header 4 or 5, you will now see the menu highlight border. If you wish to not use it, simply insert 0 in the Main Menu Highlight Bar Size field.

3. Geocode API Removed For Google Maps

Previously, in some cases due to server configurations, you may have needed to use a Google Map Geocode API Key to display the map. In Avada 3.7, we have streamlined this process and the API Key is no longer needed.

WHAT DOES THIS MEAN FOR YOU? Only good things! If you used an API Key in the past, you no longer need to and the map will display.

4. Global Sidebar Settings vs Fusion Page Option Settings

We introduced global Sidebar Settings in the last update. Please be aware of how they work in relation to individual page settings.

5. Portfolio GRID Layout Will Be Removed

With the new portfolio featured image size setup introduced in v3.6, the Portfolio Grid page template is no longer needed. We will be removing it in v3.8, please change your page template. Please see this post for how to get the grid affect with any other portfolio page template.

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