Spring is here! In this installment, we will share Avada 8.0 progress and the latest Avada milestones with the broader community.

Avada 8 April Progress Update

Avada Core

Following on from the March Roadmap post, our team has focused on optimization and some element-specific tasks. See some of the details below.

Codebase Optimization

As part of our codebase optimization, we have removed Avada Core as a separate plugin and transferred the functionality to the builder plugin. This will make future updates easier for users and improve performance by reducing shared components.

Take The Avada Poll

Should the Avada Builder be integrated into Avada or maintained as a separate plugin for Avada 8 and beyond?

Combining the two will enhance performance and ensure that maintaining Avada will be easier in the future. However, this does not align with the traditional WordPress plugin vs. theme territory approach.

Further Element Refinement

We are taking the same approach with our Element refinement to reduce the number of JS scripts and lines of CSS. The core elements have been further improved with new options and more streamlined code.

Important examples of this refinement are the Container and Column Elements, which are undergoing a makeover and should be ready for the next blog update.


It is too early in the development process to give an exact ETA for Avada 8. Before release, we will have a public Beta and full launch announcements. 8 Will be the next major update; however, in the meantime, more maintenance releases will be pushed out.
Building a new website with Avada should not be contingent on an upcoming version. Get started today!

New Prebuilt Content Coming Soon!

Our design team is constantly working on delivering new prebuilt websites and prebuilt Studio content your way.

The most recent websites released are Avada Tattoo, Avada Dance Studio, and Avada Real Estate.


In summary, our team is working flat out with one goal in mind: To bring you the best website-building platform available. Avada 8.0’s extended development cycle reflects our unwavering commitment to quality and innovation.

We encourage you to subscribe to our social media platforms to stay tuned for more updates regarding Avada 8.

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  1. Aurélien April 11, 2024 at 1:48 pm - Reply

    Hello Avada Team,

    I am currently developing custom elements for Avada Builder, either by extending existing ones or creating new ones from scratch. Could you please inform me whether these custom elements will still be compatible and usable in Avada’s 8th version, or are there any compatibility issues I should be aware of?

    Thank you for your guidance.

    • Michael April 12, 2024 at 7:22 am - Reply


      There will definitely be compatibility issues. How much will depend on the level of complexity in the custom elements. I would recommend joining our Beta testing phasing when it is opened (will be later in the process – we are not at that stage yet). At that point we should have a wiki document to help guide with updating custom elements.