Spring is on the horizon! In this installment, we will share Avada 8.0 progress and the latest Avada milestones with the broader community.

Avada 7.11.6

This is an important maintenance release for Avada users. The changelog can be viewed here. To summarize, we have fixed an Avada Forms submissions security issue, added dynamic data options for all color options, performance enhancements, WooCommerce compatibility, and more.

Avada 8 March Progress Update

Avada Roadmap

Following on from the February Roadmap post, our team is rebuilding the Avada Builders and the underlying framework using the latest JavaScript technologies. After completing the new back-end builder, the team has focused on some element-specific tasks. See some of the details below.

Migration to Blocks

The first migration phase to blocks for the most commonly used Elements has been completed. Additional refinement will be ongoing.

Element Breadcrumbs

A much easier way to navigate Elements in situ, providing a clearer path to placement for each Element within the content.

Element Breadcrumbs

New Approach for Parent <> Child Element Options

This will provide much greater flexibility over individual styling options for Design Elements.

Parent/Child Element Options


It is too early in the development process to give an exact ETA for Avada 8. Before release, we will have a public Beta and full launch announcements. 8 Will be the next major update; however, in the meantime, more maintenance releases will be pushed out.
Building a new website with Avada should not be contingent on an upcoming version. Get started today!

New Prebuilt Content Coming Soon!

Our design team is constantly working on delivering new prebuilt websites and prebuilt Studio content your way.

The most recent websites released areAvada Dance Studio, Avada Real Estate, and Avada Business.


In summary, our team is working flat out with one goal in mind: To bring you the best website-building platform available. Avada 8.0’s extended development cycle reflects our unwavering commitment to quality and innovation.

We encourage you to subscribe to our social media platforms to stay tuned for more updates regarding Avada 8.

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