Summertime is in full swing! In this installment, we will share Avada 8.0 progress and the latest Avada milestones with the broader community.

Avada 8 July Progress Update

Following on from the June Roadmap post, our team has been focused on optimization, the new Options Network, new Element options, and more. See some of the details below.

New Option Type: Nested Element Option

Some Avada Elements are more complex and thus use structures and markup similar to those of other, simpler Elements. One example would be Context Boxes, which have many options and also include the possibility of adding a button to create a “Read More.” In Avada 8, we have come up with a slick new way to make this more modular, consistent, and easier to use.

Avada Nested Element Option

The Nested Element option allows you to use simpler Elements in their usual place within complex Elements but with their full range of options. That way, you have complete freedom of styling and layout as the Button Element offers, but you can still easily use it within the context of the Content Boxes Element.

This setup will be available for all elements where nesting makes sense and has been present in the past. An example would be the Icon Element inside the Checklist Element.

A New And Improved Avada Library

The Avada Library has been completely redesigned with a more intuitive UI and restructured to align with the new flexible content structuring. This will enhance your workflow and improve how you manage large amounts of saved elements, as well as the newly improved interaction with Avada Studio content. Ultimately, this all makes it easier to interact with content and how and where you place the content within your website layouts.

Avada Library

In addition, we have built a fantastic new feature that will further speed up your workflow: Automated preview images are generated when you save a customized Element to the Avada Library, making it even easier to manage your saved content.


It is too early in the development process to give an exact ETA for Avada 8. Before release, we will have a public Beta and full launch announcements. 8 Will be the next major update; however, in the meantime, more maintenance releases will be pushed out.
Building a new website with Avada should not be contingent on an upcoming version. Get started today!

New Prebuilt Content Coming Soon!

Our design team is constantly working on delivering new prebuilt websites and Studio content your way.

The most recent websites released are Avada Portfolio, Avada Investment, and Avada Vegan Store.


In summary, our team is working flat out with one goal in mind: To bring you the best website-building platform available. Avada 8.0’s extended development cycle reflects our unwavering commitment to quality and innovation.

We encourage you to subscribe to our social media platforms to stay tuned for more updates regarding Avada 8.

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