While the world of online shopping has become second nature to some of us, for businesses to have an online store plays a vital part in their marketing strategy and overall product accessibility.

Avada is a feature-packed Website Builder with no coding knowledge required when designing your ideal website. Anyone, from beginners to professionals use Avada for projects and businesses on a daily basis. When you get started with the Avada Website Builder for your next project, you will have access to all 105 Avada prebuilt websites, including these 7.

7 Best Avada Online Store Websites

The 7 Avada online store websites we will look at are purpose built websites that are focussed around WooCommerce eCommerce platform. The WooCommerce plugin should be installed and activated at the point of installing the prebuilt site. All the content will still import if you decide not to install the WooCommerce plugin, but the eCommerce part will not be active.


Avada Retail

The Avada Retail online store can be used to sell merchandise of any kind. You will see visually categorized call-to-action sections across the site, which enables easy navigation for customers.

You can change any section of this prebuilt website to fit your business needs. Add more or take away, stack them or change the color pallet. The options are almost endless.

Avada Country Butcher

There is never a good time to take any industry online to sell. The Avada Country Butcher proves just that. This prebuilt website is built to give you that warm country feeling.

For this Online store, the design and the products are on par with the target industry.


For the creative online seller, this is a great choice to get started with your store and sell online. Avada Handmade is ready for your action, with that already ‘handmade with love’ design.

Not only can you use visual call-to-action to show off your product ranges, but you can use Avada Forms as a way to keep your customers up to date on what’s coming next with a subscription form.

Avada Online Tutor

If you have an extra set of skills or are more knowledgeable about various subjects, why not share this through tutorials and by offering classes; online. Avada Online Tutor comes with the basic setup and initial layout.

All you need to do to make it your own is simply purchase, install, import, and customize.

Avada Fitness

Avada Fitness is an action-packed prebuilt website for those who have what it takes. Take your training and exercise to the next level without doing the extra work and generate more income.

Grow your classes and audience by utilizing the blog section to share tips and tricks on how to stay in shape.

Avada Influencer

Do you have a knack for music, fashion, or simply feel that your opinion stands out from the rest? Avada Influencer can help you boost your role in what’s trending next.

Share anything from stories and playlists to selling anything that you like to let the world know who you are as an individual.

Avada Classic Shop

Classic Shop is the origin of the prebuilt online store websites from Avada. This classic layout is open to your ideas and can be adapted at any time to add your personal touch.

Dress it up or tone it down. You can change anything at any time, on the go.


With each of these sites created with the online seller in mind, you can use any of the prebuilt websites to design your online store. Just add the WooCommerce Plugin and set up your store.

These prebuilt websites are created as a way to give you a head start. You can change the styling, Layouts, content as much or as little as you need to quickly adapt any individual prebuilt site to suit your chosen niche. Get started with the Avada Website Builder today and launch your business online; Fast.

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