WooCommerce Single Product Gallery

Last Update: May 17, 2024

The Single Product Gallery refers to the Featured Image area on any WooCommerce Single Product page. This can be a single image, or if multiple gallery images are added into the product, they be cycled through in a slider. There are several features and options that you should know about if you’re setting up an online shop with Avada and WooCommerce.

The settings below are found at Avada > Options > WooCommerce > General WooCommerce, and apply when using the default WooCommerce templates. If, instead, you are using a Content Layout Section to design your single WooCommerce product pages layout, the Global Options apply as parent options, and you have the option to override them in the Woo Product Images Element.

Product Images Layout Area

WooCommerce Product Images Layout

This option controls the Layout of the WooCommerce Product Images area. You’ll find this setting in Avada > Options > WooCommerce > General WooCommerce, and on the General tab of the Woo Product Images Element. There are two Product Gallery Slider styles to choose from; The default
WooCommerce style and the Avada style. See below for details on each of
these layouts.

Product Images Layout > Global Options
Product Images Layout > Element Options
  • Avada’s WooCommerce Product Images Layout – When Avada’s WooCommerce Product Images Layout is enabled, clicking anywhere on the image will open your product gallery in the Avada Lightbox gallery which looks like this. In the Lightbox, you’ll be able to scroll through each image in the gallery. The Avada Lightbox has an array of global options for changing the Lightbox style and color scheme. For more information on the Avada Lightbox, see our documentation here. Also, a thumbnail positioning option is available, when using this Layout, which is not available when using the Woo Layout.
  • Default WooCommerce Product Images Layout – The default WooCommerce product images layout is the other option. The WooCommerce default slider will use the default WooCommerce Lightbox. To launch the image in the WooCommerce Lightbox, you’ll need to click the zoom icon in the top right corner. The WooCommerce Lightbox will look like this. If the image is larger than what is currently being viewed, you can click to zoom-in while in the WooCommerce Lightbox gallery mode. (eg. If you have a 1000px wide image and the whole image is already in view, there will be no additional zoom ability. However, if you have a 2000px wide image and only 1000px width is showing, you can click to zoom-in further.) When zoomed-in, you can click and drag your mouse cursor over the image to change the point of focus.

WooCommerce Product Images Zoom

This effect can be turned on or off, and will allow your shoppers to get a close up view of your product simply by hovering over the product image on the single product page. Please check each point below for information on settings and options which will affect the product image zoom feature on your site.

  • WooCommerce Product Gallery Zoom – You can enable/disable this feature in Avada > Options > WooCommerce > General WooCommerce, or in the General tab of the Woo Product Images Element when using Avada Layouts.
  • Image Size Requirements – In order for the zoom effect to work correctly, your single product image size will need to be larger in width than the WooCommerce Product Images Width setting (see section below).
  • Strength of Zoom – The larger your image is than the Product Images Width, the more zoom you’ll notice on hover. (eg. With the WooCommerce Product Images Width set to 500px, a 1000px image width would yield a closer more detailed zoom effect). We have a detailed guide for configuring your image sizes in WooCommerce here.

Once the zoom effect is enabled and your image sizes are set correctly, you’ll be able to hover over the product image and it will zoom-in to show more detail. (compare the top example image to the bottom example image which is on hover) The point of focus will follow your mouse cursor. Just move your cursor over the area you would like to see more closely.

Product > Zoomed Out
Product > Zoomed In

Special Notes on the Zoom Effect

  • To setup Single Product Gallery Zoom effect, you’ll need to be sure it’s enabled in Avada > Options > WooCommerce > General WooCommerce > WooCommerce Product Images Zoom option, or in the Woo Product Images Element General tab > Product Images Zoom, when using Avada Layouts.
  • WooCommerce Product Images Width – Your Main Image Width (see setting below) and the actual size of the image uploaded, will both need to be larger than the Avada > Options > WooCommerce > General WooCommerce > WooCommerce Product Images Width or the Product Images Max Width setting in the Woo Product Images Element. Those settings will determine the width of the single product gallery’s container column. Once you’ve set that as needed, you’ll be ready to set your WooCommerce Main Image Width.
  • WooCommerce Main Image Width – The WooCommerce Main Image Width setting is found in the Customizer. Go to Appearance > Customize > WooCommerce > Product Images from the WordPress dashboard, and you will find the Main Image Width setting there. This will control the actual size of the image used in the gallery. The larger your image size is set to, the stronger and more detailed your zoom effect will be. Note: If your image size in WooCommerce settings are equal to your WooCommerce Product Image Width in Avada’s global options, no zoom will be noticed on hover. Additionally, the size of the actual image you upload, will need to be as large or larger than your Main Image Width setting.

  • Regenerate Thumbnails – After making changes to the WooCommerce Image sizes, be sure to regenerate your thumbnails. Doing so will apply your changed image sizes to images already uploaded on your site. You can use this plugin: Regenerate Thumbnails.

WooCommerce Product Images Width

This option controls the width of the product image area, as you can see in the screenshot below. You’ll find this setting in Avada > Options > WooCommerce > General WooCommerce. It’s also found in the Woo Product Images Element, under the Design tab, as Product Images Max Width.

This option will allow you to set the width of the actual product image container on the single product page (including any thumbnails). Your setting here will determine the image width needed for your products. It’s important to set this as desired, then configure your WooCommerce product image settings accordingly. This will default to 500px.

WooCommerce Product Images Width > Global Options
WooCommerce Product Images Width > Element
Product Images Width

There are three thumbnail settings in the Global Options that allow you to configure the thumbnails the Product Images Layout will use. You’ll find these setting in Avada > Options > WooCommerce > General WooCommerce. These are the WooCommerce Product Images Thumbnail Width, the WooCommerce Product Images Thumbnail Position and the WooCommerce Product Images Thumbnail Columns, or Columns Width options.

WooCommerce Product Images Thumbnail Width

This setting controls the natural image width of product image thumbnails. In order to avoid blurry thumbnails, make sure the Product Thumbnails size setting in WooCommerce Settings is large enough. It should be at least the number in your WooCommerce Product Images Layout setting divided by the number of columns. These sizes are in pixels. You can find more details on setting the image sizes in WooCommerce here.

Product Images Thumbnail Width > Options

WooCommerce Product Images Thumbnail Position

This setting allows you to choose the position your thumbnails will be shown in the Product images layout. You’ll find this setting in Avada > Options > WooCommerce > General WooCommerce, and in the Design tab of the Woo Product Images Element. You can choose from Top, Right, Bottom or Left. Depending on your choice here, the next option will be either WooCommerce Product Images Thumbnail Column Width, or WooCommerce Product Images Thumbnails Columns.
Note. the Thumbnail Position setting is only available when using the Avada Product Images Layout.

WooCommerce Product Images Thumbnail Columns / Column Width

In the Left or Right Position, the option allows you to choose what percentage of the overall area (the WooCommerce Product Images Width) you want your thumbnails to fill.

Product Images Thumbnails > Left or Right

In the Top or Bottom Position, the option allows you to choose how many columns of thumbnails to display. Your chosen layout will also affect this option. When using the Avada style layout, the Product Images Thumbnails Columns setting will control the max number of visible thumbnail images at one time in the row. Additional images will be scrollable through the thumbnail carousel.

When the default WooCommerce Layout is used, the Product Gallery Thumbnails Columns setting will control the max number of thumbnail columns as it does for the Avada Layout. The difference is any remaining images will break down to a new row since WooCommerce default doesn’t use a carousel for the thumbnails. This can be seen here.

Product Images Thumbnails > Top or Bottom

How To Adjust WooCommerce Product Image Size Settings

WooCommerce includes settings to change the width of product images for the Main Image and for Thumbnail images. There are specific Avada settings which work in conjunction with your WooCommerce images sizes. When configuring these image size settings, it’s important to take into account the Avada Global Options settings as well. We’ll touch on each of these settings in detail below.

Note: If the images you’re uploading for your products are smaller at the source than the image sizes set in your WooCommerce settings, you may see some visual layout discrepancies on the front end of the shop pages. This is not a bug. It is simply because your images were too small for WooCommerce settings to affect them. You can think of these settings as a max width and height for your images. Anything below the limit will not be resized.

While setting up your shop, be sure the WooCommerce image size settings and the actual size of your images are considered. In summary, your images should be equal to or larger than your WooCommerce image size settings.

After any changes to your image size settings, you’ll need to regenerate your thumbnails for it to affect images already uploaded to your site. We recommend using the Regenerate Thumbnails plugin. Please see the steps below for details on changing WooCommerce image sizes.

WooCommerce > Product Images
  • Step 1 – Go To Appearance > Customize from the WordPress dashboard. (This has been moved from the WooCommerce Settings area)

  • Step 2 – Go to WooCommerce > Product Images, as seen in the screenshot above.

  • Step 3 – Under the ‘Product Images’ section, you will find the Main Image width and Thumbnail width options (width is the only option, as the main image remains uncropped. There are options at the bottom for cropping the thumbnails if you wish).

  • Step 4 – Main Image is used for the main image on single product pages, for your images on the shop page, and for shortcodes. Product Thumbnail is for your smaller product images used in widgets and the thumbnail gallery below the Single Product Gallery Slider. Enter your desired width and height value. (Note: The height value can be left blank if you want your image height to be automatically scaled with the image’s aspect ratio.) If you’re using the Single Product Gallery Image zoom effect, the Special Notes section above for details on image sizes and setup.

  • Step 5 – When you make changes to the images sizes and save, you will need to regenerate thumbnails using the Regenerate Thumbnails plugin. Install the Regenerate Thumbnails plugin and go to the WP Admin > Tools tab, and choose to regenerate your image thumbnails so the new image sizes will be created.