Typography Options In Avada

Last Update: March 30, 2024

To give you full control over the fonts used on your website, there are quite a number of typography options in Avada. You can use standard font families, choose from the huge range of Google Fonts, or even upload your own Custom Fonts. From Global Typography sets and options, through to specific area options, like Main Menu Typography Options, Responsive Typography options, and even on-the-fly typography options in the Inline Editor, you will find typography options throughout Avada.

Read on to discover more about these Typography options in Avada, and watch the video below for a visual overview.

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Typography Options

The Global Typography options are located in Avada > Options > Typography, and contain four tabs relating to the use of the site’s Global Typography Sets, Body Typography, Heading Typography (H1-H6), and any Custom Fonts.

  • Global Typography – On this tab, you create Global Typography Sets, which can then be pulled into other typography global options, as well as Element options. For typography on a new website, this should be your first stop.
  • Body Typography – This section controls the Body font used on the site, and usually pulled from the Body Global Typography set. This is also where you can set the Link Color and any Link Text Decoration for all text links throughout the site. Link colors can also be overridden on a Container by Container basis, at Container > Design > Container Link Color.
  • Heading Typography – To customize the H1 – H6 Headings, and Post Titles, including Single Post Title Extras such as “Comments”, “Related Posts or Projects” and “Author Titles”, navigate to the Avada > Options > Typography > Heading Typography where all the Heading and Post Titles Typography options are found. These can also be pulled from the Heading Typography set, and then, for example, have their various font sizes overriden for each heading size.
  • Custom Fonts – Along with the new Typography options, you can also upload as many custom fonts as you want. You can upload custom fonts by navigating to the Avada > Options > Typography > Custom Fonts tab. If you’d like to learn how to upload custom fonts, please read our ‘Custom Fonts’ article.

Global Typography Sets

With this feature, you create typography sets that you can then pull from other Global and Element options. A typography set includes the Font Family, a backup font, the variant, the font size, line height, letter spacing, and text transform. There are five default sets, Headings, Subheadings, Lead, Body, and Small, but you can rename these and create new sets as needed.

This feature is partficularly useful on new sites. Here you can define the visual style of your typography sections, and then apply them to various other options, including the H1-H6 Headings, Body Typography and even font options in Elements. In this way, you can style your typography across the site in a way that if you make changes to your typography sets, theose changes ripple across the whole site.

For more details on this feature, please see the How To Use Global Typography Sets In Avada.

Global Typography Sets

Body Typography Options

When setting global Body typography options, there are several settings to fully control the display of the font, including weight, size, color, link text decoration, and even backup font.

Global Body Typography Options

Link Text Decoration

With Avada 7.9 and up, you will also find a range of options for the decoration of link text. You can set the color and hover color of all body text links, as well as enabling and choosing from a range of text decorations, such as Overline, Underline, Line Through, Overline & Underline. You can also exclude various typography elements from the style chosen, and there are a number of sub-options, depending on which decoration style you choose.

Global Options > Body Typography > Link Text Decoration

Heading Typography Options

Heading Typography, as seen below, has slightly dfferent options, like setting top and bottom margins. These options are especially useful if you’d like to manually tweak your headings to fit your website better.

Global Heading Typography Options

Responsive Heading Typography

The Responsive Typography options allow you to control responsiveness for all headings and fonts. This helps your layout look more proportionate on smaller sizes.

Step 1 – Adjust the Responsive Typography Sensitivity by dragging the slider to fit your needs. 0 will disable responsive typography, and 1 is maximum responsiveness.

Step 2 – Adjust the Minimum Font Size Factor by dragging the slider left or right to control the multiplying value of the minimum font size. For example, if set to 0, then there is no minimum font-size. If set to 1 then the minimum font-size will be the same as the font-size of the element. If set to 2 then the minimum font-size will be double the initial font-size of the element.

Responsive Typography Options

Inline Editing Typography Options

There are also typography options found in Avada Live, when using the Inline Editor.

When you select any text in the front end builder, the Inline Editor appears above or below it. The very first option on the menu is Typography. On the Settings tab, you can adjust the settings of that particular paragraph of text, or you can also head to the Family tab, where you can change the font family and variant, for just that particular text selection.

Inline Editor Typography Options

Typography Performance Options

Font Face Rendering

Back in Avada 6.1, we improved the font performance feature for Font Face Rendering. Located at Avada > Options > Performance, you will find the Font Face Rendering option. Here you can now chose “Swap All” for faster font rendering with possible flash of unstyled text (FOUT), “Block” for clean rendering but a longer wait time until first paint, or “Swap Non-Icon Fonts”, which will use a mix of the first two methods (“swap” for text fonts and “block” for icon-fonts).

Font Face Rendering

Preload Key Fonts

There is also an option to make a selection to prioritize fetching resources that will be requested later in the page load. This improves page load time, as the browser caches preloaded resources so they are available immediately when needed. You can choose from All, Google Fonts, Icon Fonts, or None.

Preload Key Fonts

Google & Font Awesome Fonts Mode

As part of the Privacy Settings, located at Avada > Options > Privacy, you will find the Google & Font Awesome Fonts Mode option. To allow you to be fully compliant with the GDPR, you can choose to download Google and Font Awesome Fonts locally on to your server, or you can set the option to CDN to use the Google and Font Awesome CDNs.

Google & Font Awesome Fonts Mode