Displaying Portfolio Posts On Your Site

Last Update: March 3, 2023

Once you’ve created your individual portfolio posts, you can now use the Portfolio Element to display them on your site, or alternatively, create a Post Card, and then use the Post Cards Element to display your portfolio items.

The Portfolio Element is a very flexible tool, which you can use to display your posts in a variety of styles and layouts. You can use its extensive design options and settings to build your ideal portfolio page.

Portfolio Element Example

To get a good idea of the possible configuration options available with the Portfolio Element, take a good look at the Portfolio Element page on the Avada Classic Demo. This page has a summary of what’s possible and shows examples of many layout possibilities. Also, have a browse under the Portfolio Menu Item, also on the Avada Classic Demo. Here you can see the various layouts possible through the configuration options available in the Portfolio Element, as well as what can be achieved by adding Sidebars.

The last item in the Portfolio menu item on the Avada Classic Demo is Single Posts Layouts, which shows what can be achieved with the global settings available in the Portfolio Single Post Options in the Global Options and the corresponding local options in the Portfolio Tab of the Avada Page Options.

Once you have a good idea of what you would like to achieve, its time to add the Portfolio Element to your site. This can be added anywhere on any page, and has a wealth of options for you to display exactly the type of Portfolio you want. There are three different layouts available: Carousel, Grid, and Masonry. You can show only certain categories, exclude certain categories or display the whole portfolio.

For full details on the Portfolio Element, follow the link below.