Avada Builder Starter Page

Last Update: March 5, 2024

Avada Builder features a compact starter page that will help you get started in no time. In this article, we’ll be briefly going over what you’ll see when you add a new page.

Avada Builder Starter Page

This is the starter page that you’ll see when creating new pages, or editing empty ones. It contains useful and convenient information and links that will help you find your way around the Avada Builder interface. It also contains the ‘+ Container’ and ‘+ Pre-Built Page’ buttons to get you started.

Avada Builder Get Started

+ Container Button – Add a Container to the page. Learn more about Containers.

Avada Studio Button – Access Avada Studio, where you can import any of the professionally designed, pre-built pages.

Icon Control Descriptions – Brief descriptions of frequent icons you’ll encounter throughout the Avada Builder.

Getting Started Video – Watch our Avada Builder Guided Tour video to learn more about the Avada Builder.

Avada Builder Live Starter Page

The Starter Page in Avada Live is almost the same. But when you add a New Page, or edit an empty one in the Live Builder, the Sidebar also opens to the Page Settings tab of the Page Options, where you can give your page a title, choose a parent and/or a template, and add Featured images to your page.

Avada Builder Get Started

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