Avada Builder History

Last Update: February 29, 2024

The Avada Builder includes a useful feature called History. This feature tracks the last 25 actions that have been performed in the editor and allows you to revert back to any state before or after an action. To learn how to use this feature, continue reading below.

How To Use The History Feature

Step 1 – Activate Avada Builder, or Avada Live.

Step 2 – Create your page layout as you’d like. Each action you make is recorded under the History icon as a history state. In the back end editor, the History Icon is found on the right uppermost corner of the Avada Builder toolbar. In Avada Live, the History Icon is on the left side, the 4th icon along on the toolbar.

Step 3 – Once you click the ‘History’ icon, you’ll see all your actions in a list. To revert to a particular history state, simply click the history state in the list. You can jump between any history state in the History list as often as you wish, until you save.

Avada Builder History States
Avada Builder History States