2024 Is in full swing, and so are our development team’s goals. In this installment, we will share Avada 8.0 progress and the latest Avada milestones with the broader community.

Avada 7.11.4

This maintenance release serves as a quality-of-life update for Avada users. The changelog can be viewed here. To summarize, new features are added for Avada Post Cards, Avada Forms, and background image slider options to the Container and Column Elements. In addition, improvements for WooCommerce control, enhancements, and various fixes.

Avada 8 Progress Update

Avada Roadmap

Following our initial Roadmap post, our team is rebuilding the Avada Builders using the latest JavaScript technologies. We have rebuilt the Avada back-end Builder to deliver a faster and more intuitive user experience, with a framework that will be used across the board to ensure a more homogenous experience.

Migration to Blocks

In addition, our team is currently working through the most commonly used Elements and migrating them from the old shortcode format to a new block format.

Global Styles

The old global Element options will be replaced by a global styles network for all Avada Elements, allowing you to control any option globally. This also means that you will be able to set up multiple global styles for each Element.

Avada Editor

We are keeping the current Avada UI that everyone loves but are taking it to the next level to enhance the workflow further.

New Prebuilt Content Coming Soon!

Our design team is constantly working on delivering new prebuilt websites and prebuilt Studio content your way. The most recent websites released are Avada Real Estate, Avada Business, and Avada Dispensary.


In summary, our team is working flat out with one goal in mind: To bring you the best website-building platform available. Avada 8.0’s extended development cycle reflects our unwavering commitment to quality and innovation.

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