toTop Button

Last Update: March 20, 2023

The toTop Button has been around a while in Avada, unobtrusively assisting you back to the top of the page when required. But with Avada 5.9, we have added some enhancements to the script, to make this feature even more useful to you.

Enable/Disable toTop

The toTop Button can be enabled/ disabled at Avada > Options > Advanced > Features. It can be enabled/disabled separately for desktop and mobile, or for both.

Enable/Disable toTop

toTop Settings

The new configuration options for the toTop Button can be found at Extra > Miscellaneous.

  • ToTop Button Position – You can now choose the position of the toTop button. Choose from Left, Left Floating, Right, or Right Floating. The Floating options lift the button off the base of the viewport to leave the button floating on the page.

  • ToTop Border Radius – You can now control the border radius of the ToTop button. For non-floating layouts, the border radius will only apply to the upper corners. In pixels. 0px would create an entirely square button, while 50px would create a circular button.

  • ToTop Show on Scroll Down Only – You can now also choose to show the ToTop button on scroll down only. Otherwise it will always show if the page is scrolled.

toTop Configuration Options

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