Share Usage Data

Last Update: April 15, 2024

Thanks for using Avada! We are always trying to improve Avada and the user experience. You have the power to make a difference and help us do so by sharing some data about your website and how it’s set up. None of the data we collect includes personal information. It is simply collected to help us understand how you are using Avada. We try to learn from our users what works, and what can still be optimized. This helps us to shape the future of Avada.

Share Usage Data

Below is a list of exactly the data we will be collecting.

Website Environment

This information is collected to help us better understand the technical limitations that Avada must be built to meet. This also allows more informed decisions to be made regarding old technology support.

  • PHP Version

  • Memory Limit

  • Max Execution Time

  • MySQL Version

  • WordPress Version

  • Server Info (see System Status page)

  • Language


The information collected in this area will allow us to better understand which areas of Avada are the most used, and therefore which should be the focus of development.

  • Previous Versions

  • Prebuilt Website Usage

  • Setup Wizard Usage

  • Layout Usage

  • Feature Usage

  • Element Usage

  • Child Theme Usage


This information is collected so we can better understand which plugins are most popular, and therefore which to check for enhanced compatibility with Avada.

  • Active Plugins

Opting Out Again

After agreeing to share the above information with us, you can choose to opt-out any time by going to your Avada Dashboard and then Options > Builder Options and setting the Share Usage Data option to “no”.

Privacy First

Your privacy is extremely important to us, and we will never use any of your data in a way not intended by you.

For more information see our Privacy Policy