Purchase Codes For Plugins Bundled With Avada

Last Update: February 26, 2024

When purchasing Avada, you’ll be provided with a unique Purchase Code that you can use to receive auto-updates, support and more. The purchase code you receive can only be used for Avada, not for the bundled 3rd party plugins.

The 3rd party premium plugins that come bundled with Avada can still be used as advertised, however as they are bundled with Avada, they can only be used on your Avada site, and do not come with their own individual purchase code that allows you to receive premium support/features from the individual plugin author. We (ThemeFusion) are the ones to provide support for plugins we bundle with Avada.

Slider Revolution or Layer Slider Purchase Codes

You can only register the Layer Slider & Slider Revolution plugins if you have purchased them individually from CodeCanyon.

Although the status of the plugins state that the site is not authorized to receive updates, this is no cause for alarm. Shortly after any of the bundled premium plugins are updated, we provide the update directly from the Avada > Plugins page.

Below are the various areas you will see these messages. They can be ignored unless you wish to purchase the plugins individually for their own auto updates and premium author support.

Purchase a license for Slider Revolution or Layer Slider

As explained above, you do receive both Layer Slider and Slider Revolution with your Avada purchase, and you are allowed to use both on your Avada site. However, both of these plugin creators offer auto updates, premium support, premium slider imports and more if you buy it directly from them. These features are not available when you buy a theme that bundles the plugins, to get them you must buy their plugins separately which gives you their individual purchase code.

* Your purchase of Avada includes a copy of Slider Revolution and Layer Slider. However, if you wish to receive auto updates, premium features and plugin support from the individual plugin authors, it requires a separate purchase of their plugin.