Page Title Bar Background Parallax Options

Legacy Doc

Last Update: July 3, 2023

Page Title Bar background images can also have a parallax effect applied to them. This causes the Page Title Bar background image to be fixed, and so it doesn’t move as you scroll. An example of this can be seen on the Avada Spa Demo, on any page except the home page.

This option is found under Avada > Options > Page Title Bar > Parallax Background Image, and the option will show when an image is selected as the Page Title Bar background. Set Parallax Background Image to On to use a parallax scrolling effect on the background image. There is also an option for 100% Background Image, to have the header background image display at 100% in width and height according to the window size.

Page Title Bar Parallax Option

If building your Page Title Bars using Avada Layouts, the Parallax option would be applied to the Container holding the image (Container > Background > Image Tab > Background Parallax Option).