Image Hover Effects

Last Update: April 16, 2024

There are several effects you can apply to your images in Avada Builder, and one of these is the Image Hover Effect. This is an effect that controls what happens when the image is moused over and is not the same as the Style Type which can also be applied to images, and which offers drop shadows or glow effects around the image. Both these options are found on several Elements that use images. For a full list, see below.

For the Hover Type option, you can choose from None, Zoom In, Zoom Out or Lift Up. These are sleek and clean hover effects that will make your images animate dynamically when they are hovered over. Let’s have a look at each one.

Zoom In

With the Zoom In effect, the image zooms in on mouseover, effectively cropping a small percentage of the image. When used with images with borders, as seen below, the border remains constant, and the image zooms in within it.

Example Image

Zoom Out

With the Zoom Out effect, the image starts zoomed in a small amount, and zooms out to reveal the entire image when moused over.

Example Image

Lift Up

With the Lift Up effect, the image gets slightly larger all around on mouseover, as well as having a subtle box shadow applied. Readers of the Avada Documentation will be familiar with this effect, as it’s the default for all images in the documentation. When used with images with borders, as can be seen below, the border expands with the image on mouseover.

These effects can also be used in conjunction with the aforementioned Style Type option, but when using Image Captions (other than Above or Below) or Masks, these effects are disabled.

Example Image

Elements Using Hover Effects

How To Use The ‘Hover Type’ Option

Step 1 – Add any of the Elements listed above to your page.

Step 2 – Find the ‘Hover Type’ option and choose the hover effect you’d like to use. It’s typically on the Design Tab.

Step 3 – Once finished, save your changes.

Selecting An Image Hover Type