How To Set Favicons In Avada

Last Update: May 7, 2024

A favicon, short for favorites icon, is an icon displayed in the tab bar of a browser accessing the site and next to the site name in a list of saved bookmarks. You can see a large version of the Avada favicon here. In Avada, you can add a range of favicons to give your site a professional look on all devices, and when your site is saved as a bookmark.

Creating Favicons

Creating favicons are best made when creating your logo, using elements and colors from your branding. A favicon needs to have a square aspect ratio, and should be simple enough to display well at a very small size. Typically a favicon is a small version of your logo, with no logotype or other text, but can also just be a letter, or other graphic image.

There are favicon generators online, but these are basic scripts and cannot take any logo and make a great favicon. The best results with such tools are usually Text to Favicon options, where the favicon becomes just one letter.

An alternative to this is to create your own favicon in Photoshop or the like. If using this method, create a square document (I like to use a big size like 1000px) and then resize the favicon to the correct sizes when done designing. See this guide for more information on how to make a great favicon.

Setting Site Favicons

Once your have your favicons, it’s time to upload them. Favicon Options are located in the Global Options at Avada > Options > Logo > Favicons. Avada offers several fields to upload different sizes of favicons. Each one has its own unique size listed in the description.

To add favicons, simply click the ‘Upload’ button next to the appropriate field, then select the favicon file you would like to use. The best format to save your favicons in for uploading is a png file, but you can also use jpgs and svg files.

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