How To Set Different Global Options With Polylang

Last Update: March 13, 2024

Avada allows you to have a multilingual site, and you can now set individual options for each different language you have installed. Each language now has its own Avada Global Options panel, so you can modify it for each language. To change global options for each individual language, follow the steps below.

How To Change Global Options For Each Language

Step 1 – Login to your WP-admin and go to the Avada Global Options panel.

Step 2 – While still in the Avada Global Options panel, switch to a different language using the Language Switcher at the top of the WP-admin panel.

Step 3 – Set your desired global options for the language you’ve selected.

How To Change Options For All Languages At Once

Step 1 – In the Language Switcher on the top WP-admin panel, select All Languages from the drop down.

Step 2 – Once you’ve selected All Languages from the drop down, the theme options for all the languages will be replaced by the default language you have set in the Polylang options. Once you make changes to any theme option, these changes will be applied to all languages.