How To Register For Avada Support

Last Update: February 13, 2023

Thank you for choosing the Avada Website Builder and welcome to the ThemeFusion family!

Avada come with 6 months of included support and free lifetime updates. Once the 6 months of included support is up, you have the opportunity to extend support coverage for 6 or 12 months further. If you choose to not extend your support, you will still be able to submit bug reports via email or item comments and still have access to our online documentation and video tutorials.

Envato clarifies item support here

We have an advanced, secure ticket system to handle your requests. Support is limited to questions regarding the theme’s features or problems with the theme. We are not able to provide support for code customizations or third-party plugins. If you need help with anything other than minor customizations of your theme, we suggest enlisting the help of a developer.

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How To Start Receiving Support

Step 1 – Locate Your Purchase Code

Login to your Themeforest marketplace account ( and navigate to the ‘Downloads’ section, and retrieve the purchase code, as seen in the screenshot below. Conversely, if you have just purchased Avada, check your email inbox for the Envato email purchase confirmation, which includes the item purchase code.

Download ThemeForest Purchase Code

Step 2 – Register A User Account

To register a user account, head to To register, you simply need to add a unique username, a valid email address, and your purchase code into the relevant fields and then click Register. A validation email will be sent to your email address with a link to set your account password.

ThemeFusion Login/Register Screen

Step 3 – Login To Your Account

When you log in from, you will see the following user dashboard tabs:

ThemeFusion Support > Dashboard
  • Support – This tab displays your ticket history. You can view all open and closed support tickets, click to view individual tickets and also send an additional reply to a ticket via this tab.
    **A valid purchase code needs to be registered in your account to be able to create a new ticket, or to reply to older closed out tickets.
  • Register Purchase Code – Here you can manage, add and remove your purchase keys and the domains they are connected to.

  • Avada Plugins – This tab houses all Avada bundled plugins that can be downloaded individually if you want to update the theme and plugin manually.

    **A valid purchase code needs to be registered in your account to be able to view and download these bundled, premium plugins.
  • Account – Your account personal info. Name, email address, billing info (not required for regular support) and an option to change your password.

Step 4 – Register Purchase Code(s)

On this tab, you can add and manage your purchase code(s). Registering your purchase code grants you access to create support tickets and the option to download all bundled and required plugins from the ‘Avada Plugins’ tab.

To start, register your purchase code(s) in the field provided. For a valid registration you will see this notice on-screen, and for an invalid code you will see this notice. Always double check that you have copied the code correctly, it is easy to miss a digit or two.

You can register as many purchase codes as you would like in the ‘Register Purchase Code’ tab. Each will be displayed at the bottom of this tab window. You are required to allocate a purchase code to a website URL in order to submit support tickets.

Step 5 – Submit A Support Ticket

When logged into your account you will see the ‘Open A Support Ticket’ button, click that to open the ticket creation page or use this direct link (you must be logged in and registered to access this page) –

Support > Submit A Ticket

Below is what the ticket creation page looks like:

Support > Submit A Ticket Page

Once submitted, the ticket is added to our support queue. All tickets are replied to by our team in a strict time order, from the oldest to the newest.