Extending And Renewing Envato Item Support

Last Update: May 17, 2023

On September 1st, 2015, Envato changed their terms and conditions for item support and introduced paid item support for Themeforest and CodeCanyon. When you purchase a theme, you will be granted an inclusive 6 months of hands on support for that item. When this expires, you can choose to extend your item support for a further 6 or 12 months at a fee. Please continue reading below to learn more about item support, or read Envato’s ‘What Is Item Support?’ article.

How To Renew or Extend Support

You are eligible to renew or extend your support subscription if you have less than 6 months support remaining and the author is still supporting the item. The cost of purchasing support can vary according to the different periods of your subscription. For example, extending your support subscription while it’s still active costs less than renewing it when it has expired. To learn more about this, please read Envato’s ‘Extending and Renewing Item Support’ article found here.

Step 1 – Login to your ThemeForest account and go to the Downloads tab.

Step 2 – Locate your Avada purchase. On there, you’ll see how many months of support you have remaining, and beside it there’s an ‘Renew Now’ link. Click here to view an example.

Step 3 – Click the ‘Renew Now’ link, and it will redirect you to the Avada item page.

Step 4 – On the right hand side, click the ‘Renew Support’ button.

Step 5 – Once you click the ‘Renew Support’ button, you’ll be redirected to the checkout page. Confirm your payment details and follow the on screen prompts to finish purchasing the extension.

Renew Avada Support

How To Apply Support Extension

Once you have extended your support, it’s also important to apply that extension to your My Avada Account. Just go to your Account page, and along the top in the Account Summary section you will see a blue refresh icon to refresh your support. Also, in the Support section a little down the page, you will see a message to refresh you support status there as well. Click either one, and My Avada will apply the support extension to your account.

Renew Avada Support
Renew Avada Support

What Happens If I Do Not Renew Support?

The only thing that changes is that you will not be granted access to hands on support. You will however continue to receive all theme updates and access to our online documentation, and video tutorials.

Purchasing Avada To Obtain Support

Another way to obtain support is to simply purchase another copy of Avada. Each purchase comes with 6 months support, and this support is applied to all websites on your account. This might cost a little more than simply extending support, but you also get another copy of Avada, which you can use to build another website. A bargain, really…

When Can I Renew Item Support?

There are 3 scenarios for when you can extend or renew item support; At the time of purchase, during your support period, and after your item support has expired.

At the time of purchasing the item. This will cost 30% of the list price, or 37.5% on the item price.

  • Support Upgrade – At the time of purchasing the item. This will cost 30% of the list price, or 37.5% on the item price.
  • Support Extension – Extend item support before it expires. This will cost 50% of the list price, or 62.5% on the item price.
  • Support Renewal – Renew item support once it has expired. This will cost 70% of the list price, or 82.5% on the item price.

Grandfathered Support

Grandfathered Support applies to any customer that will have purchased Avada PRIOR September 1, 2015. This entitles qualifying customers to continue receiving hands on support via our system for as long as we continue to develop and maintain Avada. For more information on Grandfathered support, please read this article.