Column Spacing Options

Last Update: February 24, 2024

Column spacing plays a huge factor in designing a creative website. Avada gives you the freedom to choose the amount of column spacing that shows between columns. There are both global and element options. Read below to learn about each area that offers column spacing options. Also, please see the How To Control Spacing With Avada & Avada Builder doc for more information on this topic.

Container Element Options

Column spacing is found in both Container and Column Elements. One of the options in the Container Element, on the General tab, is the Column Spacing option. By default, this value is empty, and instead, default global values are set in the Column Element instead (Avada > Options > Avada Builder Elements > Column). The value set here in the Column Global options will apply to all columns unless overridden in the parent Container option, or in the individual Column Element options.

Column Element Options

In the Column Element, both Left and Right Column Spacing values can be set. These pull from the default global values, or can be overriden for both the left and right side of the individual columns.

Global Options

There are a few Global options affecting Column Spacing, but these options are generally more for Legacy methods. These can be found, for example, in the General Blog, General Portfolio, Search Page, Related Posts / Projects option pages.

There are also some global defaults in the Avada Builder Elements for things other than Columns, such as the Blog Element, the Gallery Element, the Portfolio Element, and the Text block Element.

Element Options

Finally, there are some elements that contain columns also provide column spacing control directly in the Element itself. Some of these also have global defaults, as noted above, and others are controlled only in the element itself.

These are the Blog Element (when using Grid Layout), the Portfolio Element (with Grid or Grid With Text Layout), Image Carousel Layout, WooCommerce Featured Products Element, and the WooCommerce Carousel Element.