Avada Studio Import Options

Last Update: April 23, 2024

Avada Studio is an awesome design feature, that allows you to add prebuilt, professionally designed content blocks virtually anywhere into your site. Avada Studio also has advanced import options, to help you control the way your content imports. These are accessed in slightly different ways depending on whether you are on the Avada > Studio page from the Avada Dashboard, or you are in the Avada Builder, and adding Studio Content directly from there. Let’s have a look.

Avada > Studio

When you are on the Avada > Studio page, you will only see these Import Options if you click on the image to preview the content block before you import. You will see the Import Options along the bottom of the preview, as well as Go Back and Import links.

Avada Studio > Import Options

Avada Builder > Studio Tab

If you are in the Avada Builder, and you go to directly add Avada Studio content from there, you can see the Import Options link at the bottom left of the dialog, as seen in the screenshot below. Click this to expand the options along the bottom of the dialog. Alternatively, if you open a specific preview by clicking on it, the options will already be open along the bottom.

Avada Studio > Builder Import Options

Import Options

  • Position – This will only be visible when adding top level content (i.e. template on blank page, header on Header Layout Section etc). The options are Insert Above Current Content, Replace All Page Content, and Insert Below Current Page Content.

  • Style – Here you can choose the default of “WYSIWYG Studio Styles”, or change the option to “Local Colors & Typography”. Choosing this second option will mean the content block inherits its settings from your Global Color Palette and Typography options. This is really useful to add prebuilt content blocks into your site that matches the colors you have set in your Global Color Palette, and your chosen typography options.

  • Images – The next import option is to do with images. The default is to “Import images” but if you’re only looking for the layout, you can change this setting to “Use Placeholders”.

  • Colors – With this option, you can use the default value of “Normal”, or you can instead select “Invert” before import. This will work best if you have set your Global Color Palette colors from lightest to darkest as recommended.

Avada Studio > Import Options

You can click on the Go Back link to return one step in the import process, or when you are ready to import your content block, simply click the Import button in the bottom right corner.

These might seem like minor options, but these import features allow you to import Avada Studio Content into your site that already matches your existing colors and typography. This is a huge advantage and time saver.