Avada Design Elements vs. Layout Elements

Last Update: April 10, 2024

Avada offers a large range of Elements in Avada Builder, from Design Elements, Layouts Elements, and Form Builder Elements. See the Avada Builder Elements doc to see the full list of all Elements in Avada.

The Design Elements, however, are the main ones, and can be used everywhere in the Avada Builder, including in any Layout Sections created in Avada Layouts. But there is also a special class of Elements, designed for use only in Content Layout Sections, to help build these dynamic templates. These are called Layout Elements.

These Elements allow you to place dynamic content, into Content Layout Sections, and to a lesser extent to Page Title Bars and Post Crads. As you can see below, there are a range of Elements to suite whatever type of Content Layout Section you are designing – whether that’s a blog layout, a portfolio, a WooCommerce single product layout, or even a 404 page or Search results layout.

Avada Layout Elements

These Elements have a full range of options, in the same way the other Elements do, and you work with them in entirely the same way. Below, for example is the Author Element options panel.

Author Element Options Panel

The full range of Design Elements is also available to use when building Layout Sections, but the Layout Elements are only available when building Content Layout Sections. They are all dynamic Elements, that pull their content from the relevant section of your content. NB. This is not to be confused with dynamic content options inside normal elements.

For example, if you have created a Content Layout Section, in a Layout whose conditions specify that it will only be shown on Single Posts, then the Content Element would show the single post blog content. Likewise, if you made a Content Layout Section on a conditional Layout that only showed a particular Portfolio category, then the Archives Element would show only that category of Portfolio posts.

It’s these Elements then, that allow you to build the content in your Content Layout Sections. As mentioned before, these Layout Sections Elements are only found in the Content Layout Sections. In the Header and Footer Layout Sections, you have full access to all the Builder Elements, as well as the Dynamic Content options found inside these elements, but not the Layout Elements.

With the combination of Design Elements and Layout Elements, you can now design and build totally unique Custom Layouts, using the full power of the Avada Builder. With these powerful design tools, there’s virtually nothing you can’t achieve.