Avada and WordPress Gutenberg Compatibility

Last Update: May 1, 2024

Gutenberg is the official name for the block editor in WordPress, which was released with WordPress version 5.0, back on December 6th, 2018. In this document, we will be looking at compatibility between Avada and the Gutenberg Block Editor.

Can I Use The Block Editor?

Yes, you certainly can if you want. The Avada Builder is a much more mature and feature rich option, and so the block editor could be seen as a poor choice, but technically there is no limitation to use one or the other. What must be noted though, is that if you create a page/post with Gutenberg, you cannot edit/maintain the same page/post using the Avada Builder and vice versa. They are not interchangeable. Any Gutenberg page/post created though, will display perfectly on the front end of the site to anyone viewing it.

Some people have decided to use Gutenberg on their blog posts for example, for future protection if they ever change WordPress themes. This way they would only need to reconfigure the pages, and not the posts.

Choosing Builders

We have implemented an option to choose between either version of the Avada Builder or the Gutenberg Editor when creating new pages or posts as illustrated below.

Page & Post Editing Selection

Choosing Add New > Backend Builder gives you this.

Choosing Add New > Live Builder gives you this.

Choosing Add New > Gutenberg gives you this.

Integration With Avada

We do have some limited style integration with Gutenberg, and you will also find the Global Color Palette in Gutenberg from Avada 7.10.0 and up.