We have released Avada 7.8.2, a security update that addresses a CSRF vulnerability in the Avada class-avada-admin.php file; Disclosed in our Changelog and our Important Update Info help file.

Like WordPress and any entity that develops software, we understand that security is not absolute, and it’s a continuous process that is managed as such. We do our best to prevent security issues as proactively as possible, as we do not assume they’ll never come up. Our responsibility is to quickly take care of them and work to get our customers notified and prepared. And this is why we recommend keeping your website and plugins up-to-date and maintained at all times.

The description of the security issue identified and fixed is listed below:

Thanks to Dave Jong (Patchstack), who brought the issue to our attention!

What Should I Do Next?

We cannot stress enough the importance of ensuring that your website is kept up to date and maintained at all times. Please update to ensure that your installation is issue-free and the fix detailed above is applied. These are our detailed update instructions:

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