I’m regularly attending WordCamp Vienna to represent Avada. Since I live only a couple of hours south of Vienna, it is a nice opportunity to meet with the local WordPress community, to talk about latest trends in WP and also to chat with customers and to collect some feedback. Thanks to the great efforts of the organizers (Martin, Bruce, Elvyria, Barbara and all the others), the event has grown over the past years and this year almost 400 tickets got sold and 21 talks were held on three tracks (English, German and a special developer track; you can see the schedule here:

This year marked my 5th anniversary at WordCamp Vienna and coincidentally I was invited to present a talk on the English track. A perfect way for us to give back to the community. I had done a few keynotes in the past already, but this was my first talk at a WordCamp and the first time someone from ThemeFusion presented at an official WordPress event. So, I felt double privileged.

We discussed potential topics for a talk in the company and concluded that we want to present something that touches the daily work-life of a large part of the WordPress community: customer feedback. No matter if you are a freelancer or work in an agency, if you create products or offer services, you’ll regularly get feedback.

In order to get the most out of this valuable feedback, I shared some insights on how we at Avada manage feedback when it comes to Avada, and decided to focus on 4 major areas:

  • Value your customer feedback
  • How to deal with destructive feedback like blackmailing attempts or public slander
  • How to incorporate constructive feedback in daily workflow to create better products / services
  • Staying connected to the user base and the WordPress community

This talk, as well as most of the other talks of my talented fellow-speakers, will be available on shortly.

A lively Q&A at the end of the talk and lots of informal chats in the following coffee-break showed, that customer feedback really is a topic that is relevant for everyone. Oh, by the way, coffee-break: as always on WordCamps the catering was top-notch. No matter if it was the two coffee or the lunch break, awesome food and drinks were provided, and people socialized.

While the main event ended after 10 hours of inspiring talks, networking and socializing, the community continued to hang out at the after-show party at a cool near-by venue.

If you haven’t been at a WordCamp yet, we highly recommend this to you! You won’t regret the experience.

WordCamp Vienna? I’ll see you in 2021. WordCamp Europe 2020 in Porto, here we come!

All images shot by Klaus Prokop.

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