Each time we reach the end of a year, so many thoughts come to the forefront. Memories of the past 12 months. The hard work and dedication from our entire team in evolving and supporting Avada. The loyalty and commitment of the Avada community make us all excited about what the new year will bring. 2019 Has been a year of growth, technical innovation, achievements, and future planning for Avada. Avada 6.0 sets the foundation for long-term iterated plans, plans that result in unrivaled creative reach and flexibility for anyone that uses Avada for any niche.

We are very proud of the passion and dedication delivered daily by our entire team. Avada, what it can do and how it is done is a testament to the passion our team provides.

2019 at a glance:

  • Avada surpassed 550,000 active users
  • 7+ Years at #1 on Themeforest
  • 50,376 Customer interactions
  • 12 theme updates

2020 will be our most exciting year to date, and we cannot wait to reveal the milestones planned for Avada and the Avada community.

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