And a very blessed Avada birthday it is! One more year has passed, one that has been filled with interesting challenges, Avada updates, amazing growth and some innovative future goals that has gotten us all very excited here at ThemeFusion HQ.

Over the last year our team switched into overdrive to realize the goals set out before us. Growing our team to meet customer demand head on is always a priority for us, and grow we certainly have. Sales milestones are wonderful and we as a team are more grateful than can be expressed, however, evolving Avada is more important to us and our customers, present and future. Roll on Avada 5.3 that was released back in November 2017, adding 85 new features all of which lays down the ground work for a supercharged Avada WordPress theme. December was holiday time and ’tis the season to be giving, right? Avada 5.4 was exactly that.

The April 2018 release of Avada 5.5 focused on adding several new elements to the Fusion Builder as requested by our customers, while work continues on our priority goal for Avada & Fusion Builder, and, our very latest major Avada 5.6 update centered around GDPR compliancy and special features so that our customer base had the tools to control privacy content. All in all, the last year has seen our team work tirelessly to maintain our tradition of consistent, maintenance and feature packed updates, 11 updates in the last year alone.

And it certainly does not stop there. Progress is important, as is growth but what about community? Community is to us what apples is to apple pie. Education, disseminating information and engagement is critical and that is why we have allocated significant resources to growing our documentation, videos and tutorials this year. Information at your fingertips = empowerment, tand why we have developed plans for some truly amazing community resources coming very soon. Stay tuned for more info! Also do not forget to check out the Avada Facebook Group that has surpassed 16,000 active members.

Gutenberg has been cooking in the last year, and so have we. As a team, here at ThemeFusion HQ we are closely following development cycle and progress of Gutenberg. As has and always be the case, we are dedicated to delivering the best working experience to everyone who uses Avada, with any new version of WordPress and/or for the release of Gutenberg. We rest not and will passionately continue advocating the value of and need for the use of WordPress as the world’s leading CMS.

This leads us to the pièce de résistance. Avada reaches the pinnacle of the Envato Elite Wall Of Fame in surpassing 25M in total gross sales over 6 years on the Themeforest marketplace. We are humbled, speechless, thankful, amazed, in awe and everything in between. Truly. We could not have done any of this without the thousands of hours of blood sweat and tears by our entire team and the loyalty of our amazing customer base, new and old. We love you and we love what we do.

A sincere thank you to our dynamic 957,492+ strong community for your loyalty and sharing our passion. When we released Avada into the Themeforest market 6 years back we believed that Avada could be special, we just had no idea just how special Avada would become. Fast forward 6 years and we could not be more excited for what lies ahead.

Avada is built on quality, not hype. We are firm believers in pursuing and achieving the best solutions for our theme and customers. Our team is working very hard at delivering something groundbreaking and totally innovative from a users perspective. Stay tuned in the coming months!

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