As we reach the incredible milestone of Avada’s tenth year on the Themeforest marketplace, we feel it is appropriate to look back at how far we have come and what lies ahead for Avada and the wider Avada Community. Suffice it to say, Avada has seen quite the growth over the last few years in particular, and we have some exciting plans in store for the rest of 2022, through 2023, and beyond! So let’s start with the good news and share our roadmap and plans with you!

It has been an interesting and exciting journey for our team over the last 10 years. We feel the timing is ideal for sharing with you where we’re headed next and what that means to you as an Avada champion. There have been significant advancements in Avada’s growth and scope, particularly over these past three years, with much more planned in line with our roadmap for Avada as a tour de force in the WordPress ecosystem. So, for context, here is a high-altitude recap of Avada’s evolutionary progress to date:

  • August 2012 – Avada is released on Themeforest

  • November 2012 – Avada 2.0 is released

  • August 2014 – The Fusion Builder is released for Avada

  • December 2014 – Avada surpasses 100,000 active users

  • April 2016 – Avada reaches 200,000 active users

  • October 2016 – Avada 5.0 is released

  • April 2017 – Avada reaches 300,000 active users

  • March 2018 – Avada reaches 400,000 active users

  • April 2019 – Avada reaches 500,000 active users

  • August 2019 – Avada 6.0 is released

  • June 2020 – Avada reaches 600,000 active users

  • July 2020 – The Avada Website Builder

  • October 2020 – The Avada Form Builder is released

  • December 2020 – The Avada WooCommerce Builder is released

  • March 2021 – Avada positions as the Ultimate WooCommerce Store Builder on Themeforest

  • June 2021 – Avada reaches 700,000 active users

  • June 2021 – Avada 7.4 introduces the Performance Wizard

  • September 2021 – Avada reaches 725,000 active users

  • October 2021 – Avada 7.5 Introduces Avada Studio

  • November 2021 – Avada reaches 750,000 active users

  • December 2021 – Avada 7.6 Introduces the Off-Canvas Builder

  • April 2022 – Avada 7.7 Introduces the Setup Wizard

  • July 2022 – Avada 7.8 Introduces the Navigator

  • August 2022 – Avada turns 10 years old

We want to highlight Avada’s progress over the years fivefold; Commitment, Innovation, Community, Roadmap, and Growth. As clichéd as it may sound, when Luke Beck and Mohammed Haris launched Avada in 2012, one of their cornerstone beliefs at that time (and this continues to the present day) was that the platform Avada provides would empower people of all backgrounds, both as customers and our team that maintains Avada in-house.


Our team has grown from 2 people in the beginning to a complement of 24 talented individuals, with a customer base of over 800,000 beginners, marketers, and professionals. We have a world-class development, design, and support team with an unwavering dedication to ensuring that Avada is maintained and supported in line with WordPress and third-party prerequisites. This is a testament to our commitment to Avada’s growth as a leader in the broader WordPress ecosystem.


If you take a closer look at our detailed changelog, you will most certainly notice an almost relentless and passionate approach to ensuring that Avada meets technological expectations and matches or even outpaces industry trends. TL;DR – WordPress theme > WordPress Website Builder > WordPress Website Builder Ecosystem.


Noun – /kəˈmjuːnɪti/ – “having a particular characteristic in common” / “the condition of sharing or having certain attitudes and interests in common.” – The growth in community members is nothing short of amazing, with notable groups like the Facebook Community Group, our own user-to-user Community Forum, social channels, and more showing no signs of stopping anytime soon. As the historical trend shows, we expect these various community platforms to grow exponentially in the future. Added to this growth forecast will be future engagement initiatives launched by our team to foster workflow and communication channels that will serve to enhance Avada’s long-term viability.


In 2020, we decided to facilitate the votes and means to gather more detailed end-user community engagement. The need for input and, more importantly, the desire to listen and adapt to collective feedback cannot be overstated. Our development history clearly shows that we take end-user-provided input seriously; It is what has helped us better shape the future of Avada.


As a team, we all take what we do and who we do it for with the utmost gravity. The first ten years of Avada’s growth have laid the groundwork for the next ten years and beyond. It is common knowledge that scaling up to sustain future plans is always a delicate balance between expectations and results. Avada was never a short-term endeavor for us; it always has a long-haul strategy. The desire to build a legacy and each individual that has embraced Avada shares in this common goal.

We humbly thank you for sharing this exciting journey with us so far and look forward to the extraordinary future that lies ahead.

Thank You!

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