Avada 7.8 is out in the wild! You requested, and we listened.

This fantastic version introduces a wide range of workflow improvements and features into the Avada Website Builder. The list is varied as it is long, for starters: We have introduced the option to select Dark Mode for editing, a new Navigator editing mode that allows you to work smarter, choose your preferred default Builder, an Instagram Element, WooCommerce Mini Cart and Filters Elements, stylish background masks and patterns, Sticky Columns, and so much more.

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New Workflow Features

Avada 7.8 Features

These workflow advancements will improve your web design process, allowing you to work smarter and faster.

  • Live Content Navigator
  • Dark Mode Editor
  • Select Your Preferred Default Builder
  • Global Typography Tooltips
  • Global Option to Select The Default Page Template
  • Live Editor Option For Collapsible Sub-Groups

New Design Features

Add a touch of style to your website content with a broader range of design and styling features. In addition, you can easily customize each feature with a range of flexible options for a truly bespoke look.

  • Instagram Element
  • WooCommerce Mini Cart Element
  • WooCommerce Filters Element
  • Container Background Masks and Patterns
  • Sticky Columns
  • Tab Styling Options
  • Filters for Post Cards
  • Column Transform Options

New Design Elements

Design Elements are always valuable when creating and delivering content and layouts to enhance your website’s appeal. Whether the content is marketing orientated, service-focused, or purely aesthetic, new design elements are a great addition to your web design toolkit.

In addition, an array of new customizable options have been added to the Button Element to give you more design flexibility and branding options than ever before.

  • News Ticker Element
  • Star Rating Element
  • View Counter Element

New Avada Form Builder Features

The Form Builder continues to evolve with several new features that will improve the flexibility of the forms you can build for your Avada website.

  • Mailchimp integration
  • Honeypot Element
  • Choose the number of checkboxes
  • A text box min/max character count

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