Testimonials Element

Last Update: March 30, 2024

The Testimonials Element allows you to easily add beautifully styled testimonials anywhere to your site. Testimonials are the perfect way to show your potential clients the kind of work you can provide. Avada allows you to use testimonial sliders or individual testimonial boxes. Choose between two design styles, male, female or custom icons, and also select the speed at which the slider rotates. Read below for an overview of the specific features of the Element.

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How To Use The Testimonials Element

The Testimonials Element is a very useful way of adding testimonials into your page content. To start, add the element into your desired column.

There are both Parent Options, which affect the whole series of testimonials (if you have more than one), while you can also configure the individual testimonials. This element has a range of options, starting with two designs. Once you have chosen your design, there is a range of General and Deisgn options for your to configure.

Apart from the Parent Options, there are the Child Items. Click the pencil icon to edit the existing item, and the Child Item Options Panel appears. This is where you add the content for the individual testimonials. Here, you can add the person’s name, choose an avatar (including the options to upload your own image), the company name, a link for the company name, and the actual testimonial content.

You can then set up other testimonials, either by duplicating existing ones, or creating new testimonials, by clicking on the Clone Item icon, or the + Testimonials button respectively.

Read below for a description of all element options.

Parent Element Options

Note: The Default setting will use the global settings assigned for this element in your Options > Avada Builder Elements > Testimonials Elements section. Also, please note that the displayed options screens below show ALL the available options for the element. If you have Avada’s Option Network Dependencies turned on, you will only see options relevant to your selections, and so the options screen may look somewhat different.


DesignChoose a design for the element.
Navigation BulletsSelect to show navigation bullets.
Testimonials SpeedSet the speed of the testimonial slider. ex: 1000 = 1 second. IMPORTANT: Setting speed to 0 will disable autoplay for testimonials slider.
Random OrderTurn on to display testimonials in a random order.
MarginEnter values including any valid CSS unit, ex: 4%.
Element VisibilityChoose to show or hide the element on small, medium or large screens. You can choose more than one at a time.
CSS ClassAdd a class to the wrapping HTML element.
CSS IDAdd an ID to the wrapping HTML element.


Testimonial Background ColorControls the background color of the testimonial.
Testimonial Border SizeControls the border size of the testimonial. In pixels.
Testimonial Border StyleControls the border style of the testimonial.
Testimonial Border ColorControls the border color of the testimonial.
Testimonial Border RadiusEnter values including any valid CSS unit, ex: 10px.
Testimonial Speech Bubble StyleEnable or disable the testimonial speech bubble triangle.
Testimonial TypographyControls the testimonial text typography.
Testimonial Text ColorControls the text color.
Name / Company TypographyControls the name and company typography.
Name / Company Text ColorControls the name / company text color.
Navigation Bullet SizeControls the size of the navigation bullets. In pixels.
Navigation Bullet ColorControls the color of the navigation bullets.

Child Element Options

NameInsert the name of the person.
AvatarChoose which kind of Avatar to be displayed.
Custom AvatarUpload a custom avatar image.
Avatar PositionControls whether the Avatar will be shown above or below the testimonial content.
Avatar SizeSet the size of the testimonial avatar.
Avatar Border RadiusChoose the radius of the testimonial avatar. In pixels (px), ex: 1px, or "round".
CompanyInsert the name of the company.
LinkAdd the URL the company name will link to.
Link TargetControls how the link will open.
Testimonial ContentAdd the testimonial content.
AlignmentControls the testimonial alignment.
Background IconClick an icon to select, click again to deselect.
Icon AlignmentChoose the alignment of the icon on the testimonial.