Privacy Element

Last Update: March 7, 2024

The Privacy Element is a small Element you can easily add to your privacy policy page, or wherever it fits best for your site. It will display checkboxes for all services you chose, and will show, to each of your users, which of the services they have consented to, and which they have not. They can also easily update their consents within the element. Please continue below to read more about this important privacy element.

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How To Use The Privacy Element

To start, simply add the element into your desired column. Add your Privacy text to the dialogue and choose your Form Field Layout. There are also animation options on the Extras tab.

Read below for a description of all element options.

Element Options

Privacy TextControls the privacy text which will show above the form.
Form Field LayoutChoose if form checkboxes should be stacked and full width, or if they should be floated.
Element VisibilityChoose to show or hide the element on small, medium or large screens. You can choose more than one at a time.
CSS ClassAdd a class to the wrapping HTML element.
CSS IDAdd an ID to the wrapping HTML element.