Included Language Files

Last Update: February 27, 2024

Before attempting to make your own translations, we suggest checking the pre-created language files that ship with Avada. All these files have been contributed by our amazing users, and the amount of translated strings might vary for each language.

How To Use A Pre-Created Language File

Step 1 – Head to the GitHub Localization Repo.

Step 2 – Click the ‘Clone or download’ button in the upper right corner, and choose ‘Download ZIP’ to download the language files.

Step 3 – The download contains three sub folder: Avada, fusion-core and fusion-builder. The Avada folder contains the main translation files for the theme, while the other folders contain those for the corresponding required plugins.

Step 4 – Copy the .po and .mo files of your selected language to your WordPress install. For Avada language files, paste them to the wp-content/languages/themes folder. For plugin language files, paste them to the wp-content/languages/plugins folder. For detailed explanation of the storage locations, take a look here: Storing Translation Files.

Step 5 – Login to WP-admin dashboard and navigate to the Settings > General tab.

Step 6 – Find the Site Language option and select the language you’ve just added from the dropdown. For example, if you’ve added Avada-de_DE.po and .mo, you would select ‘German’ (Deutsch) from the dropdown.