Backing Up Your Site And Global Options

Last Update: April 25, 2024

Backing up your site is an essential practice to ensure that you don’t lose any data during major changes or updates. Continue reading below to learn how to backup your site and your global options.

Backing Up Your Site

Backing up your website is highly recommended and is very important. There are several reasons why backing up your site is a good idea, and one of the primary reasons is to preserve your data in case of malicious attacks such as DDOS attacks, SQL injection attacks, trojan and malware injection, and the like. To learn more, please read our ‘How And Why You Need To Setup WordPress Backup’ blog article here. We’ve listed out some great plugins below to get you started.

Recommended Plugins / Services To Use

  • VaultPress – A monthly subscription based service developed by Automattic, the company behind
  • UpdraftPlus – One of the most trusted backup solutions for WordPress with a free and a premium version.
  • BackWPup – A free WordPress backup plugin with a paid Pro version as well.
  • ManageWP – You can also backup and restore your sites with affordable services like ManageWP.

Backing Up Global Options

The plugins mentioned above will backup your entire site, but if you’d like to separately export and backup just your Global Options, located in the Avada > Global Options panels, then please follow the steps below. You can also fetch your Global Options’ Export URL on one site and use them to import the same Global Options settings on another site.

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Step 1 – Navigate to Avada > Global Options > Import / Export.

Step 2 – Find the ‘Export Options’ section, and choose one of the three available options. Click the ‘Copy Data’ button to copy the Global Options data directly. Click the ‘Download Data File’ button to download the .JSON file. Finally, click the ‘Copy Export URL’ button to copy and paste your site’s Export URL.

Step 3 – To import your backup Global Options, find the ‘Import Options’ section and click the ‘Import Contents From File’ button and paste the contents of the .JSON file you’ve exported. Alternatively, you can also click the ‘Import From URL’ button and paste the Export URL of another site to copy those Global Option settings.

Site Backup Options