Avada Builder Custom Post Types

Last Update: February 13, 2023

In the Avada Builder general options, you can choose which custom post types you can enable or disable the Avada Builder on. This will allow you to control the areas where Avada Builder can be used. To learn how how to enable or disable the Avada Builder on custom post types, please continue reading below. If you’d like to learn more about the Avada Builder’s other options, please follow the link below.

How To Enable/Disable Avada Builder On Custom Post Types

Step 1 – Navigate to the Options > Builder Options from the Avada Dashboard.

Step 2 – Down the page, you’ll find the ‘Post Types’ section. What you see here will depend on the plugins you have installed. Some third party plugins, such as the Event Manager and WooCommerce install their own custom post types.

Step 3 – Check the corresponding post type checkbox to enable the Avada Builder on it. You can also choose to uncheck it to disable the Avada Builder instead.

Step 4 – Once finished, click the ‘Save Settings’ button.

Avada Builder > Post Types