Establishing your business online can seem complicated, yet it is a lot simpler than you may think. Where do you start? Which platform would best suit your brand delivery and workflow?; are common questions asked by many beginners, marketers, and professionals alike.

To get started, WordPress and the Avada Website Builder are the tools you will need. Once installed, no coding knowledge is required to design and build your perfect website. Avada is feature-packed, intuitive to use, and provides you with the tools to deliver a successful lead-generating website in no time. To give you a head start in building your website, and included with your purchase of Avada, are 94+ beautifully crafted prebuilt websites to choose from.

Importing an Avada Prebuilt Website is as simple as clicking a button and is highly flexible. You can choose to import a complete prebuilt website and parts of any other and anything in between. Choose pages, posts, portfolios, images, sliders, layouts, options, widgets, and you can uninstall as you prefer.

This article will look at various website designs and styles, which are highly popular with day-to-day Avada users. Let’s get started!

10 Best Websites Built With Avada & WordPress

The 10 prebuilt websites we will be looking at were determined as the top prebuilt websites, by daily imports, in all categories. Regardless of the industry, you can get started with Avada and WordPress today.

Avada Accountant

Avada Accountant is a great way to get to the point, on the first page, with finer details linked and discussed on other parts of this prebuilt website.

If you need to get it done fast, this prebuilt site is what you need to get started.

Avada Marketing Consultant

Being resourceful and getting the word out, are part of successful marketing in any industry.

Avada Marketing Consultant is a great starting point to create your brand to help establish the identities of businesses.

Avada Business Coach

Specializing in business growth while building your own, is a skill that hits the spotlight every time.

Avada Business Coach is the perfect solution to get online; fast. A few tweaks here and some content changes there, and you are ready to get the ball rolling.

Avada Retail

The Avada Retail online store can be used to sell merchandise of any kind. You will see visually categorized call-to-action sections across the site, which enables easy navigation for customers.

You can change any section of this prebuilt website to fit your business needs. Add more or take away, stack them or change the color pallet. The options are almost endless.

Avada Interior Design

Avada Interior Design is perfect to showcase any past projects or future ideas that may interest potential clients.

Regardless of the industry type, you can edit, add or take away anything to make this prebuilt fit your requirements.

Avada Classic Shop

Classic Shop is the origin of the prebuilt online store websites from Avada. This classic layout is open to your ideas and can be adapted at any time to add your personal touch.

Dress it up or tone it down. You can change anything at any time, on the go.

Avada Food

Avada Food is a great way to share recipes and your experiences of different foods from across the globe.

If you are passionate about food and indulge in trying new recipes, this prebuilt website is a great way to kick off.

Avada Influencer

Do you have a knack for music, fashion, or simply feel that your opinion stands out from the rest? Avada Influencer can help you boost your role in what’s trending next.

Share anything from stories and playlists to selling anything that you like to let the world know who you are as an individual.

Avada Construction

Avada Construction is a great way to showcase your completed projects and present your service offerings.

If you’re tired from talking about the can’s and can’ts of your business, just put it online. It is just that easy.

Avada Restaurant

More restaurants are bringing their business online to provide clients with access to their visual layout and menu options.

Avada Restaurant is ideal for a visual introduction to your business, regardless of the industry.


To get started with the Avada Website Builder and to create your ideal website, there are a few things that you will need;

These prebuilt websites are created as a way to give you a head start. You can change the styling, Layouts, content as much or as little as you need to quickly adapt any individual prebuilt site to suit your chosen niche. Get started with the Avada Website Builder today and launch your business online; Fast.

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