Over the last few years, more creatives have been emerging from the background to establish themselves across markets in various industries. From freelancers to home crafters, photographers to virtual assistants. The list keeps growing.

Avada is a feature-packed Website Builder with no coding knowledge required when designing your ideal website. Anyone, from beginners to professionals, uses Avada for online projects and businesses daily, which range anywhere from creative portfolios to online store’s to sell services and products online.

When you get started with the Avada Website Builder for your next project, you will have access to 85+ Avada prebuilt websites, including these 10.

10 Best Creative Avada Websites

The 10 prebuilt websites we will be looking at were determined as the top creative prebuilt sites by daily imports for this category. Being creative is the ability to create new things differently, either as a business or an individual.

Avada Interior

Avada Interior Design is perfect to showcase any past projects or future ideas that may interest potential clients.

Regardless of the industry type, you can edit, add or take away anything to make this prebuilt fit your requirements.

Avada Influencer

Avada Influencer can help you boost your role in what’s trending next by making it all about you.

Sell what you like, give your opinion and leave your mark in a world where individuality should exceed expectations.

Avada Handmade

Avada Handmade is ideal for the dreamers who long to sell their creations to the world.

Get a quick start and import this prebuilt website. Simply set up your store and switch out the content with your own.

Avada Freelancer

Avada Freelancer is for the part-timers and the full-timers that can complete projects single-handedly.

Showcase your projects and feature your skills. This prebuilt website makes it easy for you to get noticed.

Avada Creative

Avada Creative is ideal for creative agencies to illustrate their work and land big projects.

This prebuilt site is designed so that you can say and show what you do, what you have done, and what ideas are up for grabs.

Avada Podcasts

Avada Podcasts has everything you need to get started. Share advice or inspire people, perhaps even share a compilation of what moves you.

Import this prebuilt website to get you off the ground. Not just a talker? Add what you need to make it work for you.

Avada Virtual Assistant

Avada Virtual assistant is great for highly-skilled, independent professional freelancers.

This prebuilt website can take your career to the next level by showing off your skills and sharing your processes.

Avada Author

Avada Author is a great way to boost your portfolio where self-promotion is the key.

Share your latest work or even some insight on what it takes to make it as a creative writer.

Avada Resume

Avada Resume is a one-page prebuilt website to flaunt your career and skills and stand out from the rest of the applicants.

Nothing says ‘I got what it takes!’ better than this prebuilt site. Change the color or add more information. It’s your choice.

Avada Videographer

Avada Videographer is ideal for digital creatives to show off their projects and promote ready-to-use footage.

Use this prebuilt website as part of your business or adapt it to any industry.


These prebuilt websites are created as a way to give you a head start. You can change the styling, Layouts, content as much or as little as you need to quickly adapt any individual prebuilt site to suit your chosen niche. Get started with the Avada Website Builder today and launch your business online; Fast.

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