How To Use The Avada Support Desk

Last Update: February 13, 2023

We’ve improved the Avada Support Desk to help you more easily track and manage your support tickets, account info, purchase codes and plugins. Below you can see the full Support menu at This has links to the documentation, to tutorial videos, and to submit a ticket amongst others. But in this document, we want to look at the My Account section, where you can manage your support account.

Avada Support > Support Links

My Account

Once logged in to your account, you will see 4 tabs: Purchase Codes, Support History, Avada Plugins, and Edit Account. Please read below to learn more about each of these tabs.

Purchase Codes Tab

On this tab, you can add and manage your purchase code(s). Registering your purchase code grants you access to create support tickets and the option to download all bundled and required plugins from the ‘Avada Plugins’ tab.

To start, register your purchase code(s) in the field provided. For a valid registration you will see this notice on-screen, and for an invalid code you will see this notice. Always double check that you have copied the code correctly, it is easy to miss a digit or two.

Avada Support > Purchase Codes

You can register as many purchase codes as you would like in the ‘Register Purchase Code’ tab. Each will be displayed at the bottom of this tab window. You are required to allocate a purchase code to a website URL in order to submit support tickets.

When you register a purchase code on a specific website, you can then come to this page and click on the refresh button. The allocated website will then display next to the allocated purchase code. There are also buttons to unregister both a production and a staging site, and there is a button to completely remove the purchase code from your account.

Support History Tab

This tab allows you to view your ticket history. On this tab, you’ll see the status, title and date for each of your ticket. Your support tickets are organized from oldest to newest and each page displays 25 tickets at a time.

Status Definitions

  • Active – Your ticket will show this status when your ticket is active.
  • Staff Reply – Your ticket will show this status each time your support ticket has been replied to by a support representative. Being email based, if you need to send another reply please do so as you would reply to any normal email.
Avada Support > Support History

Avada Plugins Tab

On this tab, you can download the Avada required plugins (Avada Builder and Avada Core) and bundled plugins like Revolution Slider, Layer Slider, ConvertPlus and Advanced Custom Fields plugin.

Avada Support > Avada Plugins

Edit Account Tab

On this tab, you can edit your account information. You can change your name, and you can also reset your password and account nominated email address.

Avada Support > Edit Account