We are thrilled to announce the release of Avada 7.4, the latest evolutionary update for the Avada Website Builder. This latest update released on June 8th, 2021, introduces a vast array of amazing performance features, giving you the confidence to take any project head on.

Website performance and optimization can be a reasonably complex topic. Besides the vast array performance enhancements that have been introduced for Avada, our team developed tools that will make the process of optimizing your Avada website w whole easier. Ranging from the new Performance Wizard to above-the-fold optimization options, an icon scanner, asset management recommendations, and so much more.

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Introducing The Avada’s Performance Wizard

Avada Performance Wizard

Scan, analyze, and manage your website features and be empowered to make better performance-related decisions.

The Performance Wizard takes the guesswork out of how to best optimize your Avada website. Once you have built your website or have just updated to Avada 7.4, the step-by-step interface will guide you by scanning your assets and recommending options that can be disabled or enabled to enhance overall performance.

  • Critical CSS & Advanced Optimization
  • Disable Unused Features
  • Icon Scanner
  • Font Management & Handling
  • Video Facade Image & Video Optimization
  • JS & CSS Optimization

Above The Fold Optimization

“Above the fold” is the part of a webpage that is immediately visible on your desktop or mobile screen without scrolling. The new features that Avada provides will allow you to optimize your content for improved performance on mobile & desktop.

You can now egenerate critical CSS which will lead to a faster render time, and image preloading for your website’s images to improve performance.

Enable Critical CSS

New Options to Build a Side Header

Build all the headers! This long-awaited new feature is ready for you to use, and it is super flexible. Building a Side Header in Avada Layouts is a straightforward process. Essentially, it’s just a setting in the Layout Section Options for a Header Layout Section.

A Stylish New Prebuilt Website

Avada Mechanic is a bright, lightweight, and super flexible prebuilt website that you can import at the click of a button from your Dashboard.

Avada Retail Prebuilt Website

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